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📱 NFT Digital Art. The🖋️ Son-in-Low is Driving (জামাই হাঁকাই)||10% Benefit for @tron-fan-club.

Tuesday, 05 April 2022.

An art can carry the meaning of thousands of words.
📱 NFT Digital Art. The🖋️ Son-in-Low is Driving (জামাই হাঁকাই)

My friends of "Tron Fun Club".

How are you all . I hope you are all well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am also happy with the infinite grace of Almighty Allah.


We always try our best to bring something new to NFT, using our intelligence. As part of that, today I will digitally create "NFT" of "hand fan". We all know "hand fan". The "pipe handle" was used to blow the wind. A "hand fan" was used for one or more people. It had some "hand fan" specials. "Jamai hankai" is such a special "hand fan". This "hankai" or "bichan" was made of a variety of colorful fabrics, beautifully made and kept. This hand was allotted only for the son-in-law of the house. No one could use it without the son-in-law. Now I will show you step by step how to make "Jamai Hankai" digitally.


I opened the first Infinite Design app. Then from the tool box, I chose this small double layer tool and started drawing "hand fan".



The drawing is over. This time I selected the color tool to paint. I made the handle of the hand fan and started giving color.



Coloring in progress. This time the work is going on to brighten the color by making a rotating pipe under the handle and jhuti at the top. The work of color is also almost finished.



Leaving this output, the art work is finished.




The concept of my art

At one time the use of electric fans was limited. Despite having this facility in the city, the people of the village were deprived. At that time the people of the village used to make "hand fan" in different ways. He would turn the "hand fan" with his own hand and blow air on his body. He used to make beautiful "hand fan" or "son-in-law hankai" for his "son-in-law". This is my attempt today to keep that "son-in-law hankai" in the NFT market for thousands of years. Will be tasted in the market.


I will soon be listing all the digital industries I have created for sale in the NFT market.
Currently, I am focusing on this as NFT demand and TRX market value continue to rise.

Art By
Device Walton Primo-R6 Max.
Category NFT Digital Art
Art App Infinite design
Location Rangpur, Bangladesh.
Art Time 3 Hours.



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