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📱NFT Digital Art.Flower Tree On The Egg.,🥚10 % Benefit for #tron-fan-club.

Sunday,03 April 2022
An art can carry the meaning of thousands of words.


📱NFT Digital Art.Flower Tree On The Egg.🥚

My friends of "Tron Fun Club".

How are you all . I hope you are all well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am also happy with the infinite grace of Almighty Allah.


We've had the opportunity to work with NFT in the "Tron Fun Club" community lately. We have always used our intelligence and started working with joy. We are now trying to gain a better understanding of this. As part of that, today I will try to show the "NFT art" flower tree painting with the NFT art. If the scope of work continues to grow, one day I want to give something better. So today I will show "Flower Tree on Eggs" NFT. I thought before I drew, maybe I can draw it. For this I started to draw "flower tree on egg" on the screen of my mobile. Now I will show you step by step how to make a "flower tree on eggs". Stay tuned.


Opening the first Infinite Design app, I chose the Five Cycles tool to design from the toolbox.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

I started drawing. The drawing is almost finished.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

I opened the color tool and started coloring.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

Selective coloring.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

Towards the end of the paint.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

This time I drew a digital tub of flowers and put it in the egg. After that I stuck it with the flower tub and tested it with the tool.

NFT, Art By @mrnazrul

This time, as part of the whole drawing, cutting, adding, brightening, I changed the toolbar a few times and made the last drawing. And I finished drawing by leaving this output.


The last output, brought to display.

Something about my art today.

We always try to keep ourselves satisfied with something new and satisfying gifts with the community. I admire this digital art of mine today. I try to get the support of the community. So that everyone today can enjoy and appreciate my NFT "Art Work". I drew a picture of a "flower tree on an egg". It will be easy to enjoy the "attraction" and "intelligence" of this art. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Enjoy.

Last word

I will soon be listing all the digital industries I have created for sale in the NFT market.
Currently, I am focusing on this as NFT demand and TRX market value continue to rise.

Art By @mrnazrul
Device Walton Primo-R6 Max.
Category NFT Digital Art
Art App Infinite design
Location Rangpur, Bangladesh.
Art Time 2.30 Hours.




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