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Review of the retro series "My family and Other animals"(1987) - an Amazing series, I advise you to watch!

Greetings, dear readers!

The world premiere of the series "My family and other animals", created by a joint production of filmmakers in Australia, great Britain and the United States in the genre of Comedy, adventure and autobiography, took place on October 17, 1987. In the Russian box office, this series appeared on January 3, 1992, and it can also be found on the Internet on sites that provide services for viewing movies online.


The series "My family and other animals" based on the eponymous work of the world-famous English biologist and writer, who also has a great sense of humor, Gerald Darrell, I watched recently on the advice of a friend of mine, who so enthusiastically recommended that I read the novel and watch this very series.

When I asked her to hint about what this series is about, she just said to me: "Look, I promise, you will not regret it."And really, from the first seconds of watching this wonderful series in all respects, I fell in love with it, like a child who received a toy as a gift, which he did not even dare to dream of.

Perhaps none of us would refuse to be in that truly heavenly corner, on the beautiful island of Corfu, that is located in Greece.
Amazing nature, magnificent surrounding landscapes, views of the underwater world...


Sometimes it seemed to me that it was me, and not the boy who starred in the series, exploring all the living things that only exist on this island, watching the caterpillars turn into cocoons, from which butterflies fly out, or how a beautiful pigeon, grew out of a ridiculous-looking chick...

The entire series looks like a great discovery, as knowledge of not only the world around us, but also awareness of yourself.

The series describes, in fact, the events that occurred with the author himself, his childhood, when he was so enthusiastic and incredibly curious about the amazing world of animals and plants.

And this hobby turned out to be the most important thing in his life...

In the meantime, in the series, a twelve-year-old boy is having a great time on the Sunny Greek island of Corfu with his cheerful, slightly crazy relatives - a caring, loving mother, amorous sister Margot and older brothers-smart Larry and reckless shooter Leslie.


The mass of incredible adventures, entertaining stories, together with the amazingly reflected nature of the Paradise corner of our planet makes this series unforgettable, which you can watch again and again. It will not be able to bother anyone and its viewing will be useful to anyone, including children.

I liked the story itself, simple, but nevertheless, attracting attention to itself. The performance of actors-Darren Redmayne, Hannah Gordon, Brian Blessid, Anthony Kalf and others is also very good, and sometimes incomparable.

In General, I am absolutely delighted with watching the series and I advise everyone to watch it.

Pleasant to you of viewing!

Thank you for your attention, see you soon!

With respect to you, @mrfantastis.

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