Blockchain Gaming Company Refereum to Reward PUBG Players With Crypto

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In this cryptocurrency news video I talk about how the blockchain gaming company Refereum will be rewarding PUBG players with crypto. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Is a highly popular online video game and now for this summer the players can earn crypto by playing the game. The crypto comes from Refereum (RFR). Players will be reward with the RFR token which can be used to buy games, buy in-game purchases like equipment, as well as reward other players like streamers. The initial campaign will end August 20th, so get it while the getting is good! Good luck and happy gaming!

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Comments 7

It'll be interesting if other games start implementing a similar system.

27.07.2019 22:57

oh yeah that would be awesome for the crypto market!

29.07.2019 17:08

This seems a great news !!

I too am a HardCore PUBG Lover ! Would love to earn some cryptos while I relish the Chiken Dinners.

Just have one question - Does The News applies to PUBG Mobile as well ??

Thanks a billion for bringin this up !!


28.07.2019 05:53

You are welcome! I am not sure if it applies to PUBG Mobile as well. If you go to the site I am sure you can find it out pretty quickly. :)

29.07.2019 17:09

This is a great idea. Im hopping in ASAP. This may revive my love for PUBG!

02.08.2019 19:17


05.08.2019 21:34