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My name is Adekoya Adewale, I hailed from Ogun state, Nigeria. I am a christian by faith. I currently reside in Lagos. I am the third born by birth order to the family of Babatunde Adekoya, a commercial bus driver, he is late. My lovely mother Morenkeji Adekoya, she is an industrious, virtuous and highly self-discipline mother who start trading in durable goods at age of 13 years.


I had my elementary education in Hosanna international school, shomolu, Lagos and my primary education at God's Glory International School. During my primary I was awarded double promotion twice for excellence and brilliant performance from grade 1 to grade 3 and from grade 3 to grade 5 where I did my aptitude test or baccalaureate into secondary education. I had my secondary education in state government secondary school (kosofe college). I had my first degree in Higher National Diploma, Chemical Engineering at Lagos State Polytechnic. Also I have professional training in oil and gas management, chemical engineering design etc. Also I have vocational training in electrical installation and maintenance. My aspiration is to become global science and technology consultant.

Pertaining to my career, I am a musician, writer, business blogger, real estate agent and electrical installer. I have teachable and learnable experiences in them. Is what I have been doing since my formative age except blogging and electrical installation.


During my primary education I was the assistant senior prefect the follow image is by testimonial to attest to this.

Also, during my secondary education I was the senior prefect the image below is my secondary testimonial to attest to the claim.

At higher institution, I have been leaders and coordinators both in social affairs and church affairs. In group project, I'm the group leader during chemical design project. I have been both team player and captain in my dealings. During my National Youth Service a programme design my federal government for graduate to serve their father's land. I was the environmental CDS group leader and the image below is my group sensitization on 'climate changes and management' at Holy Rosary College okposi, Ebonyi state.



During 21 days camp in Ebonyi state for my National Youth Service (NYSC), 2016 - 2017. I was the assistant coordinator of my platoon and member of camp event organising committee. Below is a photo with my platoon commandant.



I have teachable and learnable experiences with cryptocurrency. At first, I loss more than I gain because I didn't study the market trend and other indicators on how to invest in it and other platform so I loss. Then I learn from my mentor Adam kahoo and warren buffet that wealth is long time process and you must never loss money and don't forget never to loss money. Since I leverage on their principles I never loss again and I have learn to watch out for platforms that assure quick rich scheme because wealth can never be quick. Whatever is quick is deadly pit . I have learn that long-term holding of asset or investment is the pathway to create wealth many years from now.


One of the life tools of engineers is research, I love making research about things happening around me, about nature and new development globally. I like to write and explore my world so I love surfing the internet for new facts about science and technology and general human affairs. As an extrovert person, I love motivating people, strengthening them and giving them hope about their dreams, ambitions and aspirations. This is why I release my first book last year December 2020 Title: Principles and Keys to a Future Guaranteed- A life transforming book embedded with the mysteries of the universe and how you can live your desire life leveraging on them. Below is the cover image of the books.

Available on (
LiKE: I like honest people, open-mindness people those who are resilience, not hardy. I like sincerity and truth. And I like people who loves to aspire for greater height, who never allow the greatest enemy of progress to tie them down. The enemy iis satisfaction and complacent. I ike those who get out of their comfort zone to face new challenges; new battle of initiative, innovative and discoveries. I don't move with lazy people. You will always find me where brilliant hard working people are. I love to learn new things. And never say no to life issues. That's why am a winner. I have failed many times, that is why I'm bold and courageous to do extraordinary things.

DiSLIKE: I hate pretender, dishonest and promiscuous people, I hate lying. I am not afraid to tell the truth. The highest punishment is death. And i'm not afraid to die because death is inevitable to mankind. So those inevitable tendencies i'm not afraid to handle them, that is why I've been leading from my elementary and formative age till now.

PHILOSOPHY: Conscientiousness, persistent, quality and self-discipline.

VISION: To aid the discovery and fulfilment of purpose of existence in every human race.

MISSION: intensive and intuitive awareness about purpose of existence, workshop to enable you discover your potential and innate gifts, develop and maximize those potentials for the purpose of solving humanity problems as part of your quota.

I- Identify need, D- Develop Solution, E-Execute Excellently, A- Accountability, L- Love and Lead.

I love to learn new things about life generally, am interested in science and technology posts, sociological posts, foodiology posts, family life and relationship posts, and travelling posts share by others.


I will be sharing posts about human affairs generally about science and technology, politics, sport etc.


My younger sister @afunkycares have been on this lovely platform since last year, she had been telling me to join, telling me about the organization and family care of the platform and testimonies of changed life. So I decide to give it a try this year. My aspiration here is to be empowered financially to be able to empower others in the house and outside the house.

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Welcome to steemit

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Thanks you @herimukti

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Welcome to the world of Steem!

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Thanks am glad to be part of the family

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Thanks am glad to be part of the family

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You are welcome to steemit sir @mrbasis. Steemit is a platform where you learn and connect with great minds. Explore and enjoy!

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Thanks @ngoenyi God bless. I will definitely do so.

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Hi @mrbasis,

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Thanks bro

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Wao, what a long range of achievements. Work harder here and thank me later

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