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The mountains in aceh are very beautiful, aren't they, this is in aceh above an altitude of 2640 meters above sea level if I'm not mistaken, above these mountains we can see a beautiful and urban lake, this is one of the mountains that is still active in aceh.

there are many tourist attractions in aceh. Be it islands, mountains, beaches and waterfalls. very proud of the natural beauty here, there are so many places I have visited in aceh, be it islands, mountains, beaches and waterfalls because I am also an explorer.

As for me climbing to this mountain with my friend, the four of us came here, decided to come here because of an idea from my friend, moreover the experience already exists from myself when climbing here for the first time.

at that time I really wanted to climb a mountain so we decided to climb on the mountain, the name of the mountain was burni kleten, yes this place has a lot of visitors but this mountain is not as easy as you think, because climbing it for a full day, especially in the middle of the mountain is not there is water, therefore a lot of climbers fail to reach the top.

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