SUGAR COOKIE 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain Effects Testing - Known for Relief of Chronic Pain and Insomnia


I tested the Sugar Cookie cannabis strain this afternoon. The effects start with a cushioned and euphoric rush that slowly transitions to a deeper calm that would set the stage for a good night sleep - good motivation and mind focus.


No relation to GSC, the Sugar Cookie 50/50 balanced hybrid cannabis strain was created with the crossing of the Sensi Star, Crystal Gale, and Blue Hawaiian strains (Source). Known for their relief of chronic pain and insomnia, these Sugar Cookie buds have 22% THC with less than 1% CBD.


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Terpenes and Scent

The Sugar Cookie strain has higher levels of the Caryophyllene (peppery), Limonene (citrus), and Humulene (hops) terpenes (Source) - they have a sweet, bright citrus, slightly fruity, coffee, and light pine scent to them.


Sugar Cookie Effects (Source)

Effects -
Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting.
May Relieve -
Chronic Pain, Depression, Eye Pressure, Insomnia, Stress.


OCB Premium rolling papers

I selected the OCB Premium rolling papers for the Sugar Cookie effects and flavor testing. Light weight papers made with 100% flax fiber, they burn clean and smooth.

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Ground Up Sugar Cookie

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Tested at 1:00PM


Sugar Cookie flavor

Bright, sweet, and sugary citrus pine skunk flavor with a buttery vanilla berry citrus light zest tail end.

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Sugar Cookie effects

Mind cushioned and excited, euphoria bubbling up from the solar plexus, chest cushioned and buzzing lightly. Face tingling, good mind focus, balanced energy, cheerful perma-grin.

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10 Minutes After First Dirst Dosage, 4 Total..otal...

Smooth bd energy, solid cushion. Energetic and euphoric mind with very little haze. Eye lids lightly relaxed - deeper relaxation slowly creeping in, bubbly perma-grin.

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The Sugar Cookie 50/50 hybrid effects start with a cushioned rush of euphoria that slowly transitions into a deeper and deeper calming balance that could easily set the stage for sleep. This relaxation doesn't decrease motivation, it's more of a calming and balancing effect with a clear and focused mind.

Disclaimer: Cannabis is not legal in all locations, be sure to know your local laws. Seek a professional if you require medical attention.

Have a great day!

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