Hello Monday

It's a great day to begin the week.

It's a rest day, because I'm changing once again.
My body is changing.

This is from the fact that I got a tip to increase my sodium intake and begun to take seasalt grains.

You know from my previous articles that I'm 47 years old and we have 3 boys that keep me very physically active.
Like, yesterday for example, I played with those footballs on 3 different occasions with my boys.
I love to be active with those boys!

But I have felt like something is lacking on my body, my muscles are exhausted in the end of the day and I have pain points on my lower back.
To my knowledge, it's those places where my upper legs muscles connect with my pelvis.

I've had those pain points for years and I have heard that the pain is the result of very much strained muscles.
That of the big man's hard exercised legs.

Well, back to the yesterday and the tip to take seasalt, more sodium.

I took 3- 4 grains the first time.
5 - 6 grains that same evening.

This morning those pain points are gone and my body's muscles feel highly pumped up.
And I have drank water, very much water today. And it feels like it goes straight to my muscles.
And I feel even more pumped up.

I feel incredible

So, to say the least I'm going to take daily seasalt grains from now on.
And let's see how I'll feel tomorrow, and so on.

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08.07.2019 18:04

It will be interesting to see how you feel after prolonged use. Wonder you have had such rapid results. It must be such a relief!

08.07.2019 18:16

Hey to you, and thank you so much for your response.

I'm just now on the floor, waiting for my oldest son to fall asleep.

And it's nice to hear that you are interested in the development of my condition.
Thank you for that.

I want to include that I'm beginning to feel like I am a young bull ready for something.
It's because I feel like my low testosterone levels have kicked in with the sodium levels rising.

It's really interesting to feel the man in me reach levels.

This is a bit difficult to put in words, so I hope you, the reader can understand what I am saying.

Anyway, I need to watch some Netflix and the series Happy...

Talk to you later, bye for now

08.07.2019 19:16