Todays Buds at Freetown, Christiania.

This was my last purchase here before I leave to go see some Hippys in north Denmark.

I smoked half a joint and had to put it in a case to let it rest, it wasted me 😝

Im happy to leave the city, although there are many cool places in Copenhagen for freaks and anarchists, and most of them I didn't visit this time around. Tomorrow I take a train up north and this bad is to last me until I find someone up there, which shouldn't be too hard!

The Bd

It was un-named, but at the moment no names and labels are correct for the hashes and most greens, because its all quite fucked here since a while. Hash aint worth buying, and just as I got this some guy was getting a refund cos he didn't like the hash he was sold. Best thing to do is go look around and just look at what green looks the best.

Nice and dry and cured a bit..




I need to leave now, the sun is setting and I still feel quite crappy.

Enjoy your smoke!


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Have a great time brother! Tell your hippie friends we will make them free steem accounts, :)

17.01.2020 19:50

Back a few years ago when I smoked that'd been like some dream bud to get your hands on. I haven't smoked going on better of about ten or more years now except one time I took two tokes a couple two, three years ago off an old friends gesture whom in our earlier years we spent many of hours smoking weed together, he was leaving to go live in Ireland and I hadn't seen him in a few years as he'd already moved a couple hours drive away so I wanted to make sure I went to his farewell party in chance that he may never return to live here again.

It wasn't easy quitting, I love the smell more than I like smoking it. It always motivated me also, if I had a good argument for starting back up it'd be that as now I lack the motivation to do a lot of things if I really don't find a real need to be doing them. Things like deciding I've looked at this color of paint on my walls to long and decide it was time for a change. I use to gather up some drywall mud, tape, paint, ladder, music, a few joints and go at it giving the place a makeover for a few days. I even became quite accomplished at dancing on a ladder as I went

Though as the years progressed and I lost a number of friends either to them moving on somewhere else or death it became increasing hard to find weed, or someone trustworthy enough to get it from as one thing I hated was being ripped off after paying out for some quality weed just to find it was bunk or not getting the quantity I paid for. Sure I could have done like a lot of people and got my kids friends who were known for getting high to get me some weed but I never felt comfortable smoking around my kids let alone ask their friends to get me weed.

At first I told myself I could only get high on the holidays as that made quitting not sound like a total end to one of the more enjoyable things I liked doing. That often worked until I got to Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years...after all that it was plain to hard to get all the way to Memorial day and I'd be back smoking again. So finally I just convinced myself that the expensive and effort to find it wasn't worth it anymore even on the holidays so I out and out quit. I don't even think about it hardly at all anymore. Most times I do it usually when an old friend passes away and I remember all the good times we had partying.

I recently did though think about asking someone I know who still smokes to go on the day they finally open stores here from legalizing recreational use and buy one in their memory to this most historic moment they would have relished in if still alive, and have them go with me to one of the places where we'd sat many of times and partook, as I am sure I'd be so buzzed out they'd have to drive me back home or I'd have to stay there for hours waiting for the high to diminish enough to do so myself. Things have changed in that area over the years also so I am not so sure taking a chance being to waste to be aware of my environment would be a good thing by myself. It's just the thought we'd never see the day come that one could walk into a shop and openly could have never even imagined such a thing, truly a historic moment.

18.01.2020 17:40

I would like to get back into edables again and vapeing to avoid smoking all together. Are you good at baking? 😃

Your in USA? its insane that after so much "Reefer madness" properganda in the 70s, they just change the science to suit profits of legal cannabis. A great point to use as example to show how BS governments are 🤣

20.01.2020 16:57

I am not the best of cooks but I have gotten better over the years watching the food network. It's a wonder my kids survived my cooking when they were little. lol. I can't even tell you how many times it took me to perfect banana bread. The first time you could have played football with it. lol. The second time it seemed to come out okay but once you cut into the inside was still so doughy it ran out. Now though I can make a good banana bread and I am really good at making pumpkin bread, pies, do a good job at cookies, cupcakes. I never thought about putting edibles (that's what my son calls weed that is baked into baked goods) in and trying them though.

22.01.2020 14:12

Get baking weed bananabread! 😝

22.01.2020 19:45


24.01.2020 05:50