Todays Findings!

I've been slackin with posting on Steem and the last days is so hot for me to do anything that I'm sat indoors hiding from the heat, but after the rain I think the garden will enjoy it, and it will bring the mushrooms here earlier!

I just finished work and took the usually trip past a shops trash container that sells furniture and for the house and garden and I've had many good things from there already. A few days back I got 2 new blinds unopened and they fitted in the lounge perfectly. Before we had a blanket, and now we have this badboy!DSC04406.JPG

If your not really in a hurry to fix up a home, its easy to go find things for free instead of just being lazy and just buying them new! Spend less, Work less and have more time to do Land-Pirate activity's such as "upcycling".

Today, there were more blinds. I guess it was one of each that they were selling and they were the display models that I saw. I was deciding what ones to take, and then trying to remember the window sizes :) I took just one and it fitted my window, so tomorrow I will pass by and take another for the other bedroom window.

I also had a blanket well it was actually old curtains from Oslo National theater that we found when we had first moved here, and Im happy for now as its summer to have a blind there instead. In the summer nights its not getting dark here and I use the blankest to black my room out of I cant sleep, but its started to be actual darkness now so its ok.


The lounge is looking sweet now. We also had a midlife crisis and ended up buying an Xbox 360 the other day, and we realised that its over 10 years old already since we played such things. In the picture below we reused 2 draws and screwed them to the wall to hold the shelf that was also part of this long unit we had got given.


I'll have to start taking my camera with me if August will be hot then I will be blogging more!


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Nice finds you got and I did a similar thing with a draw and screwed it to my kitchen wall to use as a shelf πŸ‘

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26.07.2019 22:42

Its a good idea, and also possible to add shelves in the draw also!

27.07.2019 12:17

Yes you could add shelving for sure πŸ‘

27.07.2019 12:19

Nice upgrade with the blinds! ☺️

26.07.2019 23:09

Did you get partiko? You should get notified when you get a mention like this @munatic

27.07.2019 12:19