Movie Stakeout Reviews 15/11/19-21/11/19

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All the latest Movieland investigations from detectives Dick Japowski and Joey Arizona.

The Arizona Case Files
Hereditary (2018)
After Annie Graham's mother dies the rest of her family start to unravel, and a sinister legacy is unearthed.
It's very hard to talk about this film without giving away what happens in it, as it is it didn't play out the way I was expecting...and the last scene with Toni Collette was pretty disturbing (if you've seen it you'll know what I'm talking about)
First watch: 3.5 Doughnuts

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The Arizona Case Files
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)
Four high-schoolers get detention and have to clear out the basement, there they find an old games console with a game none them have heard of. Soon the kids are transported to a jungle world struck by a curse, which must be lifted before they can leave.
A nice little update on the 1995 movie, while still remaining apart of the same world. Plenty of action, and laughs, with some great performances from the main cast, particularly The Rock and Jack Black who portray a scrawny nerd and a self-obsessed 'influencer' respectively.
First watch: 4 Doughnuts

The Arizona Case Files
House (1977)
A young girl and her friends go to stay with the girls aunt, hilarity and death ensue.
The poster makes House look pretty terrifying, but it's actually one of the most brilliantly bonkers movies you'll ever see, one character for instance gets turned into a pile of bananas and another gets eaten by a piano.
Rewatch: 3 Doughnuts


The Many Views of Detective Dick Japowski
Missing Link (2019)
A top explorer sets off to prove the existence of the mythical sasquatch in the latest gorgeous offering from Laika Studios. A big thank you to the Truro Plaza and Matthew Humby for showing free movies as part of the into film screening series. Me and my detectives in training had a great time watching this film, the story and creative visuals were a feast for thine eyes!
First watch: 4 Doughnuts

What Makes a Good Cop? with Dick Japowski
Cop and a Half (1993)
A young boy who desperately wants to be a cop gets his chance after being the only witness to a murder, and gets partnered with the less than thrilled, no rule playing Burt Reynolds! This is a movie I remember finding really funny when it came out on home video, but haven't rewatched in 23 years or more.
I'm pleased to report my sense of humour hasn't changed! The banter between this young Eddie Murphy type and Burt Reynolds is extremely funny to me and makes a good entry point for younger viewers looking to get into the buddy cop genre. Plus you know it's cool when you learn it was directed by the Fonz!
Cop factor: 4 Doughnuts
Movie: 3.5 Doughnuts

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The Many Views of Detective Dick Japowski
Mr. T's Be Somebody.... Or be Somebody's Fool! (1984)
The only self help video you will ever need!
It turns out the T stands for teacher, as Mr.T teaches us about dealing with anger, peer pressure, recouping and most importantly "Stylin'". There is even time for breakdancing and respecting each others mothers.
This is a 5 star gem, and not one of those ironic ones!
First watch: 5 Doughnuts

The Arizona Case Files
Santo vs The Vampire Women (1962)
Mexican wrestling legend El Santo saves the world from a coven of lady vampires.
These Santo movies are terrible, although this was better than Santo vs the Blob, perhaps because Santo was barely in it except for a couple of wrestling matches and the dramatic finale. Most of the time it plays out like a more traditional monster movie...just not a very good one.
First watch: 1 Doughnut

Have you witnessed any of the movies we've investigated? What's the verdict? Let us know in the comments below.

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