It is Alive!

Steem is one tough blockchain that will not die that easily. One day of down time is nothing, and actually considering how fast such a major bug got fixed proves that we have some excellent coders working on the code. Replaying the past transactions is what took the most time, and well when all is said and done it is hard to roll something out completely bug free.

Every software project out there always had bugs to deal with, every game ever made when it started was a buggy mess that got fixed, patched and updated over time. That is why I'm invested in Steem blockchain, it is a software project, it will evolve over time, all the bugs from the past will be fixed and long forgotten in the future.

But there is also a concern how many aps got completely paralyzed after one day of downtime, many apps and games had their D day, nothing works when Steem stops working. This is why big hard forks roll out only 2 times per year, or only once. They can create mayhem, completely change the economy like most hard forks in the past did.

This proves again and again that code after so many retries and testing will always have bug issues. The thing is when it comes to blockchains that code needs to be rock solid before it launches, when money is involved, when so many people depend on Steem blockchain working people need to step up and improve their game.

Just imagine if this could happen to Bitcoin, all hell would break loose. The price would drop like crazy when all news outlets would start preaching about Bitcoin doom, people would sell and sell.

We got lucky that this event didn't do absolutely nothing to Steem price, one of the perks of being lower on coin market cap list I guess. I hope this was it when it comes to HF21/22 bugs. Let's chain those blocks bug free finally and get to smooth sailing from now on.

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These were hard forks indeed, never seen the STEEM blockchain like this, I think HF20 went much smoother didn't it?

Regardless of that, the alternative would have been really bad, if the chain didn't go down we would have a guy with 2 trillion STEEM in his wallet ready to dump on the market... We would have to fork the chain again to remove those 2 trillion and we would get a Steem Classic xD

Good thing Steem's witnesses know what they are doing and work so hard for the blockchain, bugs in the software are normal, the only abnormal thing would be taking too long to fix them, 1 day isn't that long, and most of that day was because of the replay and steemit inc taking long to put everything back in order...

Well, at least with each mistake that happens, witnesses learn a new thing and won't make the same mistake next time (I hope)

03.09.2019 15:27

Every big hard fork had some issues, it is to be expected really. Next one will also have issues, it is how it goes with software.

Yeah it would be crazy to have Steem Classic today, next month Steem Core, after that Steem Cash, Steem Diamond, Steem Satoshi Vision.. Crazy blockchain people and their money printing schemes.

03.09.2019 15:56

Steem Satoshi Vision created by someone that says he is the real Dan Larimer 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

03.09.2019 16:10

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