4,000 Won Chestnut Tabletop USB Fan

4,000 Won Chestnut Tabletop USB Fan

I went to the market to buy groceries over the weekend. The desk-top USB fan was worth 4,000 won.

The product is like a notebook fan and it's like 5v power. The power cable is shown in the picture below as well as a 5V, 0.5A charger, and a 5-pin charging cable for Android.

Power connection like this, right where the fan is !!! So you need a candidate separately.

The modes are OFF, LOW, and HIGH.

I had to remove the old desktop fan,

If you look closely, the plastic molding seems to be dull, but it looks clean and looks pretty.

The general comment is just like a pretty garbage.

Still, the amazing price of 4,000 won solves everything.

It would be all right if you wanted to feel lightly at your desk.

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