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Hello everyone,I am announcing a contest for everyone to take part in it.
Also thanking our country representative @rashid001 for motivating us to create a contest through creating a contest.
It is an invitation from my side to entire steemit family to participate in this contest.

Contest Name:

Best Childhood Memory

The reason behind why i have chosen this topic for contest is that everyone loves their childhood and everyone wants to go back to their childhood but they can't go😔.In this contest you can share your best childhood memories with all of us.

Rules :

1.upvote and resteem this post so that others can also participate in this post.
2.Post your best childhood memory in comments section with atleast 1 childhood pic of yours.
3.Subscribe Steem Pakistan(not necessary)

Rewards :

As i am a beginner at steemit so i don't have enough steem but i make everyone sure that no entry will be wasted and there will be a reward for every entry in this contest.

Contest Is Open For Everyone

Also i would like to mention:
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Comments 35

You have chosen a really exciting topic.
I think everyone is gonna love this❤
Will be posting my entry soon😍

12.09.2020 03:30

Thanks for appreciating..
Waiting for your entry..❤

12.09.2020 06:52

no problem not everything is for prize :) great contest

actually the biggest memory i have when i was child , i was trying to learn to ride motorcycle , one day when dad was busy i took keys of motorcycle 🏍️ and tried to start it all alone but the problem was i wasn't be able to stand the bike straight because my foot couldn't reach the road 😂 and due to unbalancing the motorcycle got slipped and my leg got injured and one of my friend called my father as i couldn't get rid of motorcycle off me 😂😂 he camed up and shouted on me and that was the unforgettable memory i have :)

onepercent #Pakistan

12.09.2020 03:43

i dont have picture of that time :p my phone nktel when it was new smartphone was release i bought it and got snatched after 1 month :(

12.09.2020 03:45

Thanks for supporting and taking part in this contest...@hassanabid

12.09.2020 06:51

Hahaha you must have been hurt badly 😂😂
But there is a lesson in it too😂🤣

12.09.2020 07:17

Interesting topic,this contest gonna a very interesting,i hope,i had been only 1 image in ma old album. :P
soon i'll post my story as well. :)

12.09.2020 06:40

Thanks for the appreciation,
Waiting for your entry

12.09.2020 06:52

One may have a lot of differenr childhood memories and i also have a lot of them.
I would share one of my stories here as an entry to your contest.

I remember that when i was 11, i was quite obedient to her and i listened everything what she used to tell me and obey her.
So one day i annoyed her a lot with my questions and just to get rid from my stupid questions, she said go and climb your dad's head he will answer everyone question of yours.
So i went to my dad, he was sleeping so i sat on his shoulders😂😂
He woke up from sleep and slapped me atleast 2 or 3 times and said did you not see i am sleeping? So i told him the scenario and he and my mum were laughing all the day for that😂😂😂

12.09.2020 07:17

@moohsin , good idea 💓thanks for organising the contest, wish you Best Luck ..

12.09.2020 09:29

Thanks @rashid001

12.09.2020 09:32

Upvoted, resteemed. You added a great ideea, and it is damn easy too. I am participating, and please this will be a participating. Reward is not necessary every time. This entry will power up some others.

When I was 9+ years old, we used to live in Karachi. In summer vacation we had a plan to spent vacations in village. So that days and month is my favorite memory ever. One time my cousin captured this photo in our grand mother home, at village. Here is the picture:


12.09.2020 10:15

Ohh you have been here in Karachi😍
Tell me when you come next time so we can have a meetup ❤

12.09.2020 11:46

Yes, I lived there till 15. Inshallah I will come soon. Sure thing.

12.09.2020 12:25

In shaa Allah brother❤❤

12.09.2020 15:15

Thanks for upvoting and resteeming this contest.
And thanks for your entry too
You look awesome in the picture

12.09.2020 15:01

OK, So a childhood memory!
its a weird one , one day i got addmission in a tution center , i was in class 2,
i was happy becuase my 2 best friends we also in same tution.
because of excitement i filled my bag wll all by books and copies. it got too heavy and then me and my best friend had race on the way to tution. as mu bag was very heavy and i was running too fast so my foot slept and fall with that heavy bagg and BOOOOM i cant tell what happened after that. thats one of my childhoom memory xD

12.09.2020 12:51

Thanks for your entry @shahab1998
I hope you was safe after that incident❤

12.09.2020 14:58

Okey.. The childhood memories are always awsome when we grew up. One of my weird memory is. When I was 5/6 years old I just love to wear long cloths means cloths of elder brother or someone else. I thought if I wear that I will grow fast.

12.09.2020 20:31

Haha that's a nice memory to remember...
Thanks for the entry @cripto2000

12.09.2020 20:51

Thanks for this contest bro

12.09.2020 20:53

You have been upvoted by @rashid001 A Country Representative from Pakistan we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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Steem on!

13.09.2020 05:08


Thanks for the invite @moonshin
I miss being a child and all its memories
Most of all, I miss the innocence associated with it

The times we would take stuff from our kitchen to cook with a tin ....I remember, at around 8 or so, we tried to smoke because we saw some people doing it. So, we took a plain paper and lit it, we ended up coughing our eyes out....we didn't know what smoking wax then but we never tried it again #stopsmoking

Keep up with the good work 💪


15.09.2020 19:44

Yeah @mesonia time never stops for everyone and no one can go back to his/her childhood.
Your childhood memory tells that you're so good at picking others habbit and that's a good thing
Thanks for your entry and sharing your amazing memory with all of us👍🏻

15.09.2020 23:22

Kanamachi: It was a very popular game. In this game one was selected and blindfolded. Then fingers were held in front of his eyes to make sure he could see. Then everyone would chant the rhyme "Kana-machi bho bho, yare pabi tare cho". He would catch anyone who could catch him, and his eyes would be clothed again.


16.09.2020 18:24

Thanks for the entry

18.09.2020 13:34

Thanks @moohsin for a great contest.


The most memorable moment of my childhood was: I was very scared to do blood test as a child. I went to school 3 times with money but when I saw grapes leaking blood. Then I would not do blood tests for fear.😅 When my serials came, I would leave the room.

20.09.2020 09:52

The contest is over...
But as i said no entry will be wasted so you will be rewarded as well
Thanks for your entry my friend @nadimmahmud

20.09.2020 10:45

Thank you

20.09.2020 10:58

Sometimes when we remember, we feel nostalgic, joy, anxiety or afraid. These particulary remember has a few of those feelings in my being, like nostalgy, joy and afraid.
One night we were talking about night creatures, near a tree, and it was late in the evening, and my friends and I were 10 years of age. Can you imagine that in that moment we saw a giant creature on the tree branch? jajajajaj, now I laugh, but in that time we all run and screamed. What a child imagination we all had.!!!!!!

20.09.2020 22:17

October is near, it sounds like the perfect halloween story.

21.09.2020 01:16

yes it sounds like it jajaaj

22.09.2020 00:52

The best thing I remember of being a child is the fact of wearing costumes almost every day. They made me feel special and unique, it was so fun to walk around like I was able to be anything I wanted to be. In this photo I am 6 years old and that is my band suit. Cute, right? I totally looked like the boss, I still remember myself trying to be cool with that serious face of mine.

21.09.2020 02:15

why you looked so serius??? jejejej xD

21.09.2020 02:29