The genius of @begonethot: Sneaking away my life in a 22-mana target practice battle

diaries of @dhimmel

Welcome to the inaugural entry into the diaries of @dhimmel, where @dhimmel takes notes on strategy as he battles to be one of the very top @steemmonsters players in the @splinterlands.


Today's notes involve this 22-mana Target-Practice battle against @begonethot of the Immortal Gods guild. Prior to this defeat, I had 29 wins and 5 losses on the season, and am ranked 4th currently.

Now for the battlefield. Here's what we dealt:

Splinterlands Battlefield


  • Target Practice: All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability.
  • Snipe: Targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position.
  • Blast: Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.


Usually for this format I'd focus on throwing down some blasters, because blast gains extra damage per attack when paired with snipe. This is because when snipe-blasting, the target monster is surrounded on both sides, meaning no blast ricochet goes to waste.

Then, the next question is whether to go ranged, magic, or mixed for your attack. This match was complicated by the fact that Water and Dragon summoners were off the menu. So the Fire splinter would be the natural next choice, since it's got Elemental Phoenix and Fire Demon (although no summoners to buff either ranged or magic since Dragons were off the table).

So I designed a team that could beat a fire-snipe-blast team. First, I used only melee monsters, as to not have any monsters in the back row that would be snipe-targetable. Therefore all monsters besides the front must be melee. This leaves a sneaky team as the only viable option.

I chose Life Splinter for The Peakrider for ranged protection, Feral Spirit to sneak, Armorsmith to repair, and Silvershield Paladin to protect against ranged-attack and reflect magic.
Add in the Crystal Werewolf to silence magic, and we are talking about one defensive team that has a concentrated and lethal sneak attack.

When I clicked battle, I was stoked with the team I concocted, confident it would demolish the opponent into deep despair. But what happened instead? The genius of @begonethot! He gave me a taste of my own medicine, but with one of the most lethal variations I've seen for when you know the other player is going with the same strategy. We'll call the strategy The Sneak of Life.

@begonethot made two critical placements to go ultimate Sneak of Life.

First, he places Angel of Light in the lead. This can be a slick move, as the Angel of Light is somewhat evasive with flight, while able to heal herself and have armer repaired by Armorsmith. Furthermore, she inspires friendly melee with +1 attack.

Her biggest weakness is against strong magic, which will blow her apart faster than she can heal. And if she dies first, you've wasted her resurrect ability. So this was a huge risk, but if you think the other player will Sneak-Life, then the lead monster won't be under heavy attack load. Update: see @begonethot's comment on how the trailing Lord Arianthus is guaranteed to soak up most of the ranged/magic attack making the risk to Angel of Light less.

Furthermore, you spend your tank monster allocation on abilities rather than a half-hearted solo attack that is bound to be too impotent to do lasting damage, while possibly triggering an angry retaliation or thorn lashing.

Second, @begonethot trails with Lord Arianthus, whose shielded thorns weak havoc on melee sneakers. Plus if it resurrects, it will have armor and health taking potentially two strikes (or more due to Armorsmith) to banish it from its afterlife. Also Earth Splinter was on the table, so you may have to contend with the sneaky magic of a Goblin Sorcerer.

In conclusion, I played the ultimate Sneak of Life team with the expectation that the opponent would play a sniping ranged, magic, and blast medley. But @begonethot predicted my move and extended it to its extreme.

Should I have switched Crystal Werewolf and Silvershield Bard? Probably, as that would have better defended against the Sneak of Life, although it could lead to a monster down faster if the opponent blasts. Anyways, the switch wouldn't have been enough to tip the scales in this match. Good game @benonethot.

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you missed one more important detail in that line up, wether you sneak, snipe or magic it hits the lord :) thanks for feature :D

02.08.2019 23:14

Ah great point. The team is much more versatile than I originally thought. I'll cross out the sections in the post that are incorrect given this nuance and add a little explanation. I am very impressed with the team. Can't wait to try out Lord Arianthus as the stag snipeable monster in this format.

02.08.2019 23:24

I edited the post to add:

see @begonethot's comment on how the trailing Lord Arianthus is guaranteed to soak up most of the ranged/magic attack making the risk to Angel of Light less.

02.08.2019 23:28

So the only way to target anything but Lord A would be Melee blast, with Electric Eels or Exploding Dwarf, or Opportunity, with the Harpy.
Shame Eels and Dwarf can't be on the same team, or you could punch through that way.

03.08.2019 04:55

Great points, but Water and Dragons summoners were not part of the ruleset. Playing Fire with Exploding Dwarf in front could perhaps beat @begonethot's team. Although, it'd probably be more risky if the opponent played any other team.

03.08.2019 16:22

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02.08.2019 23:31

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02.08.2019 23:41

I really enjoyed listening to this post. Thanks @tts.

02.08.2019 23:53

Just had another battle with @begonethot, also very interesting, but this time with a different outcome (:

Splinterlands Battlefield

03.08.2019 01:51

I love this awesome post!
Cerberus (854px, 23.976fps).gif

03.08.2019 02:19

Yay for splinterlands posts with actual substance!!

03.08.2019 03:42

Great analysis. I am happy to read that you will aim for the top this season. You are a good player so I welcome your competition on a consistent basis. Too bad we couldn’t start a Philly guild and have Matt join. See you on the battle field.

03.08.2019 14:42

Well I'm off to a good start but will probably miss the end of the season, so just enjoying the double rulesets while they're still fresh!

03.08.2019 16:28

Ah yes, so you're in Philly? I can't remember whether we met at a Steem Meetup or that was one of your colleagues?

03.08.2019 16:29

You met me and my colleague, Andy. However, only I play SM. I have been trying to get him into it, but he has no motivation or time.

07.08.2019 15:21

Okay well next time we see each other please introduce yourself as one of the top Steem Monster players in the world... and then I will not forget who you are!

07.08.2019 20:21

LOL, you are funny. You are better than I am, and can easily be top 3 if you had more time to dedicate to the game.

08.08.2019 01:06

Have you ever thought about delegating your account during the times that you are not availalble to play? I know a handful of the top accounts that are delegated accounts with a 50/50 split on DEC earnings and tournament prizes. Your SM can earn while you go on your awesome adventures throughout the world.

08.08.2019 01:11

How do I delegate my account? Is there a way to do it that doesn't require having to trust the recipient with my posting key?

I know a handful of the top accounts that are delegated accounts with a 50/50 split on DEC earnings and tournament prizes.

I'd give the player 50%, 40% to me, and 10% to you if you find me someone August 9-18.

08.08.2019 14:46

I replied to you in Discord so that I don't clutter your post.

09.08.2019 02:03

Amazing match! @begonethot thật là một đối thủ đáng gờm!

Looking forwards to more of these analyses!!!

04.08.2019 15:16


In a similarly formatted battle, I tried out Sneak Life with Arianthus in back, but @begonethot knew what was coming and demolished me. Nice match


04.08.2019 21:30

@bscrypto just beat the strategy described above that I picked up from @begonethot, by going hard death melee with reach.


07.08.2019 03:59

Nice use of death here by @hossainbd:


Similar strategy and impressed that it beat the sneak of life!

23.08.2019 02:24