Dare Hair

"She has a record of not making her hair."
That was a statement made to me by a new boss who knew me off of work for a few months. Lol. I really dislike sitting in a salon over a hairdo. So I'd rather just comb it to a ponytail or leave it shaggy. Other days I just water twist it, undo on the next day and leave it all curly. It's sexy and kinda looks like a thing. Anyway, I only have two styles for when I visit the salon; braids or a weave. Which is sort of really boring nowadays. But hey, I have a great idea of what to do next! It's lazy but I'mma nail it. A wig😉. How about I just leave conrows under and wear some sleeker look of a wig. It's hair-protective. Hey, I knoooooow, I'll clean it once in a while or oftenly if you insist so no one has to confirm the nasty rumours about wigs. Or maybe, I should visit a salon I heard about. Mhhh... Strands on Fleek! Yes! They are experts in wigs and nails. Oh well, I might just do my nails too. It's been forever. Here's a review of their amazing magic. Follow them on instagram @strands_on_fleek and see more of their work.
You should stay tuned to see my makeover. I'll report it over one of my blogs. Have an amazing time!

hair 1-1.jpg


hair 2 - 1.jpg

hair 5.jpg

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