A View Point - On STEEM & IT's use of words

...come on over and follow me on steemit (no thanks, I prefer steempeak)
...how steemit changed my life (they haven't, it was probably
more steem the blockchain)

...steemit here, steemit there...

You can read so many different versions of this and most of the times the author is actually writing about steem. You know, don't you, the blockchain is called steem with millions of ways to read the content, one is steemit and in my viewpoint the one of a hell of a boring way.

So why is "everybody" talking about the company who doesn't really that much for the blockchain so we should talk about them all the time, especially when you want to onboard new users? Is it like in real life, that most folks have forgotten the important value of words?

Isn't it about time to take the opportunity to use the full potential of this decentralized system and finally start the long overdue revolution of human kind? Like taking back the power of the people our ancestors have given to Kings and Idiots. If I check around me and all the informations accessible, I see that it's now or never...

We have all the connections needed, many many sain folks just waiting to act and the Kings and Idiots are only on the way to protect themselves against us... So really it's now. But when I see folks missing the point on the most important value of words and language, I'm not sure if I just fell for another illusion of my cheeky mind. Just like pretty please, Steemit is not Steem!


So, please start to Free Your Mind Plee and then open youour eyeand ears to observe the truthtruth...
**Peace Love and OpenMindedness

Dan "The Dude" Mondoshawan

  • Be Impeccable With Your Own Word!
  • Handle Everything From A Neutral Point!
  • Find Truth By Asking Kindly!
  • Always Give Your Best To One And All!
And Your Life Will Always Improve!





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