**Quick Slow Food** Rougail Saucisse

In case of the D-Purge see this same video on my backup source!

Wlcome back to my silly time-lapsed videos! Today I need to join the #foodfightfriday folks, for what I've seen so far over there is just, for the lack of a better word, AWESOME! You may go and check that hashtag and you wont be disappointed... Another reason is, that since there is no more #steemitsandwichcontest, I miss it, kind of, to share some deliciousness!

So here we go: To continue my new series of DIY out of a kitchen, I'll present you today:

>### Rougail Saucisse
>##### "The Dude's No Waste Of Taste Version">> - 4 Pork Sausages
> - Onions
> - Leek
> - Carrots
>- Cabbage
>- Concentrated Tomatoes
>- Pealed Tomatoes
>- Home Made Tomato Ketchup
>- Salt, Cumin & Cayenne Pepper
>- Oliveve Oil

and all this served with a Riz Pilaf with some Garlic!
Havfun watching or even cooking this delicious menu and if you have a question, please just "hit me up" and I'll get back to you!

I use "only" organic grown ingredients, produced as local as possible! And while cooking I'm "always" listening to the
Earfood Radio Eclectic** on vimm.tv

Peace Love and SlowFoodiness

Dan "The Dude" Mondoshawan


> - Be impeccable with your own word!
> - Handle everything from a neutral point!
> - Avoid assumptions by asking kindly!
> - Always give your best to One And All!
> ...and Your Life will Improve In A Way You Can't Imagine Today








>All content is my own intellectual "property". Most pictures are taken with an old Fuji Camera, some pictures and most videos with an "essential b" and then worked on Gimp 2 or MovieMaker. Otherwise you'll see a source indicated...


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fff naβ˜• β™«

https://d.tube/#!/v/mondoshawan/0bk72g6tgb9'> ▢️ DTube

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22.11.2019 20:10

Thanks Carl... come on over. Enough in the pot for all of us! :smirk:

22.11.2019 20:24

am I remembering right that you are in France?

22.11.2019 21:10

Exactly... living on the edge of earth :smirk:

22.11.2019 21:18

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22.11.2019 20:11

I will take 2nds of that... better make it 3rds!! I really dig the perspective of your video. Great job!! You make it look so "fast" and easy πŸ˜‰ Meat and veggies combined into a stew of sorts always gets me drooling...
Happy to have you in the Food Fight Friday Arena

24.11.2019 17:15

Thanks a lot @jlsplatts... it's a pleasure to be here with all you awesome Food Lovers... :smirk:

25.11.2019 08:11


24.11.2019 17:22

Wow, welcome! Fantabulous seeing you here in the #fff arena @mondoshawan, you really did well here with your video! We would call this a delicious Sausage pot, would be great if it could be prepared at this pace not so;);) Good luck my friend!

24.11.2019 19:22

Thanks a lot my friend @lizelle. You made my decision to follow this awesome group easy... I have spotted already some Sandwiteers over here :D

25.11.2019 08:10

Yep there's a couple of us there;) Great to see you there!

25.11.2019 14:54

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25.11.2019 20:21

Quite a video, the meal looks delicious.
Welcome to #fff πŸ˜€

26.11.2019 15:36

Hehe, thank you @farm-mom... Pleasure to be here!

27.11.2019 08:53

Dang dude! Way to smash a home run right outta the gate! Welcome to #fff @mondoshawan, great to be met!

My wife and I did several time lapse videos of her kitchen wizardry, I know what it took to put this together. Great frikkin job man! Excellent choice of music, too. Thanks for joining the food fight.

27.11.2019 06:43

Thanks a lot @dandays... Big pleasure to be part of FFF for sure! Hopefully I got enough time to put regularly some #QuickSlowFood online... :smirk:
Thanks for passing!

27.11.2019 08:52

You’re very welcome. Please stop by the contender post and cast your vote for your favorite entry. Thank you!

28.11.2019 05:34

Thanks for sharing this wonderful meal with us.

28.11.2019 07:42

With pleasure @missaj... with big pleasure!

28.11.2019 08:06