The Best moment of your life. contest by: @vvarrishayy

Salam alaikum everyone .hope everyone here is in good health. Here is my entry... But
Before that let me tell you the story where it came from.. When and where it started..

What is the best moment in my life?
The answer is when i first heard the heartbeat of my child inside my belly. Yes you heard it right. That was the best moment in my life.


As a young girl at the age of 21 ,and to get pregnant is not a good example of a good daughter. Its not ideal in my age.. I know that. As a teenager Its not what really in my mind at the time. At the age of 21, I went to mindanao to Pursue my studies in college but sad to say i was already late for the 1st semester.. So we've decided to wait for the 2nd semester,as wAiting for the time .I gOt bored so i ask my guardian to help me find a part time job..


So i landed working in chowking divisoria in Cagayan De Oro City. I met my boyfriend, the father of my child, my colleague.we became friends and girl/boyfriend thing.By the way, He is 4 years older than Me..since im away from my family and my guardian is busy with her work.,she is an operation manager in chowking ,because of that most of her time is out of the city,so i was left alone, and my boyfriend is always thier to save the day, to save me from loneliness.To make the story short i got pregnant,at first im denial of the fact that im pregnant because i was not ready for it and im i went to the clinic to have a check up for hypertension. But to my shock the nurse ask me of my age and if im active in sex.. Hahaha too shy to answer,she continue and told me to buy a Pregnancy test.I don't have the guts to buy a PT, so my friend insisted to buy it herself ,thanks to her.she is the best.. Soo their it is tsadaaaAh!! PoSITIVE. Its a Life changing ..So scared to tell my mother about it. And shy to face the reality of having pregnant and committing pre marital sex. Im scared to death that i came up with the idea to get abortion. Getting abortion is a worst sin for me. Still denial about it.

The blessing!!!!

After 3 months, I came back to the clinic for the check up,but this time to check if how she is inside.The nurse ask what I am feeling,I told her im pregnant.So she get a Doppler and put some cool gel in my belly and after 2-3 minutes that was the first time i hear her heart beat. And my tears just fall. Tears of joy that was the best moment in my life to hear the heartbeat of my daughter.Its a Life changing.a challenging yet fulfilling one. Having a bby and bearing another human being inside you for almost 9 months fulfilment .Being a mother is not easy but seeing your daughter is worth of all the hardwork. It wasn't my plan but i know God's plan is better that my plan.


There's nothing more i can ask for....

Im calling the attention of my 3 friends of mine to participate on this contest.

Thank you @ vvarishayy for making this contest.

Truly yours

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Your daughter is so cute and you too. Indeed becoming a mother is the best moment.
Thank you for participating.

21.04.2021 22:37

Thank you..

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