Mojubare's top three reviews for the week from project hope community [Episode 44]

This week I will be writing my 44th episode of the top three post review, I bring you beautiful post from project.hope this week and I hope they are worth your while.

Welcome to my Top three project hope community post.

I am a member of project hope community, a community that has been given users hope even in difficult times.

How to Meet More Sales Target as a Sales Agent.


Sales agents have a great responsibility on them and it takes a serious responsibility to convince people to buy what you have to sell to them, however there are certain tatics that will make it easier to get people convinced to buy from us.

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[Hard Work is a Myth]


There is a satisfactory feeling attached to working for long hours when we love what we do, it is different from getting ourselves through intense pain and stress just to get things done.

You can read more about it Here



It isn't enough to try in this world that we live in, the world will never reward us for trying it will only reward us for giving our best and our best alone.

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If you are going through Hive/steemit everyday without visiting @project.hope then your journey is incomplete. Never miss project hope for anything.

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