CryptoRoyal Pump - a new way to make a profit

šŸš€CryptoRoyal Pump - a new way to make a profitšŸš€

Good day!

I want to introduce you to a project that will become mainstream in the near future.

A pump is a synchronous purchase of a certain cryptocurrency on a signal. The more people involved, the higher the price of the coin rises and the longer the pump lasts.

My idea is simple: to create a huge community so that everyone can earn. Believe me or not - you decide, I will prove it by deed.

How to make a profit on this?

  • Buy cheaper, sell more expensive. Buy faster - get more profit.

    How to become a member of the pampa?

  • Open your BTC wallet on the Binance exchange and wait for a buy signal to appear.

    If you have any questions, you can ask them in the discussion of the Telegram channel or to me personally.

    Tom Lee says economic growth is needed for bitcoin to grow

    Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat analytical agency, said investors buy bitcoin when they are confident in a stable economy and geopolitical situation.

    • In an interview with CNBC, the optimistic bitcoin said that the growth of the first cryptocurrency coincided with the best profitability of the S&P 500.
    According to Lee, bitcoin thrives when the index grows by more than 15% per year.
    "The catalyst for the next growth will be a breakthrough of the stock market to new highs."

    Co-founder of Fundstrat believes that Bitcoin is no longer a defensive asset, which many analysts consider it and what it was this summer.

    Recall that in early August, Tom Lee said that the trade war between China and the United States will provide demand for bitcoin amid global risks.

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