Viola - Unfortunate request... I'm sorry (Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes)

Well, This was the first request I got from @deadspace, so it would be rude for me to decline. I had to cheat a little by using their cover of better music from The Who, but it still counts as 'Any Limp Bizkit song'.

For the other requests, please wait! I am trying to improve at the same time, y'know =)

Actually I did learn something from this harrowing experience. Since I decided to play alongside the music, rhythm and timing became very apparent which, as you can tell, I was quite bad with - party because I haven't listened to the song since I was about 12.

Now my rhythm, in general, is pretty solid. If you've seen me drumming on Instagram you'll see I can keep time pretty much like a robot - in isolation. Playing alongside people or tracks is a whole other story, however, and since I am not somebody who has ever enjoyed performing and I typically avoid it like the plague, it's not something I've mastered.

Also I still got the bow handling wrong grrr...

Anyway it is:

Also, digging the double chin.

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Respect! Not an ez instrument to snatch up and play actual notes on..headed here

Check out the best plucked staccato violin solo ever!

20.09.2019 04:37

Thanks! - for sure. I definitely have an advantage with a guitar background but the bow is messing me up and vibrato will be the death of me... sigh

edit - I see your edit. This is quite a blend of styles going on, I like it!

20.09.2019 04:39

Keep at it! Doing something I always wanted to try as a fretted string player..

Bow x fretless = 🤕

20.09.2019 04:44

It's miles Davis' electric fusion band without him.. All GOAT

20.09.2019 04:57

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20.09.2019 04:41

My daughter enjoyed listening to it at least :)

20.09.2019 04:57

But what did YOU think?

20.09.2019 05:08

I was meant to ask, have you played something similar before with a bow?
And, how many hours have you practiced so far you think?

Compared to a week back it is heaps better.

20.09.2019 06:30

No this is my first bowed one. This is actually not representing what I can do at all at the moment, I should show off a bit more in the next one but I don't wanna get ahead with arrogance and miss some important baby steps.

In terms of hours... I guess I pick it up at least 20 minutes a day, maybe up to 40 minutes at most throughout a day.

But again it's not as impressive as it seems since I already have guitar fingers and trained musical ears from the getgo, so I'm just skipping over some of those parts. I'll hit a wall soon enough

20.09.2019 07:20

but I don't wanna get ahead with arrogance and miss some important baby steps.

Fly you fool!

It is a good approach. I was wondering the time as I know you have the history and skills in other areas and was thinking at what point you will decide to continue on or say, "this isn't for me".

I already have guitar fingers

Edward Guitar Fingers.

20.09.2019 08:39

I dunno, generally when I have something 'figured out' I tend to drop it. Thus, I'm cursed with never actually completing anything in life. But, since instruments can never be completed, it's ok. I guess then, I will stop after I learnt to properly vibrato?

Edward Guitar Fingers.

You know its meant to be hands, right...

21.09.2019 05:49

I will stop after I learnt to properly vibrato?

I think once your vibrato is on point, that is where you start. Women love a good vibrato.

21.09.2019 19:32

I wouldn't know. Apparently I'm totally incapable =(

22.09.2019 04:00

I mean, you could have declined and I would have totally understood. I can only imagine how flaccid and dry you must have felt listening through Limp Bizkit music. Good idea for the workaround though, it's not quite at the epic level of something like Break Stuff or Rollin', where it makes my dick retract into the shadow realm out of how god awful it is, but you did good with your pick and playing either way.

20.09.2019 12:42

Haha yeah i felt a little dirty but i mean, playing rollin'? there's like no frickin' melody. I might as well just drum it out and scream every few lines. This was at least melodious...

Thanks for the crappy recommendation!

20.09.2019 14:50

I would have totally loved to just see a video of you screaming and acting like an ape, it would have been a near 100 percent flawless cover that way.

You're welcome! Next time I give one I'll make sure it's actually something semi decent that'll make your nipples erect, I promise.

20.09.2019 15:02