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What makes an older and more experienced person sexually attracted to a younger less experienced person?

Despite what others have written, there is no single one cause. There are many, many reasons why we find someone sexually attractive. I divide them into “biological” and “supra-biological,” meaning that the former is an evolutionary product of the body (including the brain), while the latter is our mind or soul's response. One of the most primal and impactful of these biological factors is the “Adonis Effect.” Right now I'm in a carrier comatose zone so can't provide a link, so just Google it.

Basically, it says that we are instinctively hardwired to be stimulated by a potential mate when their 3 key body measurements approach the Golden Rule. This is symbolized by the Greek letter phi (Φ) and is 1.618. The closer the chest:hip ratio approaches this in women, the more attractive they are. The closer the shoulders:waist ratio in men, the more innately the converse. This is self-evident.

Why? What did our Cro-Magnon male forefathers look for? A woman who could breed and birth well (big hips) and a good “nurser” as the Amish say. But it wasn't just size, it was also proportion. A bust-to-hip ratio of 1.618 got them hard & horny.

Conversely, Eve looked for an Adam who could protect her and the kiddies. What made her wet & receptive? The He-Man with a shoulder-to-waist ratio of guess what? Hardwired and preprogrammed, Ladies & Gentlemen. Just like all of the Adonis statues of ancient Greece.

¿Por que? This reflexively signaled her body's brain to decide he would be a strong and protective partner. While it may be Neuroscience, it's definitely not Rocket Science.

Please note that this instinct developed solely in response to Great-Grandma's demand for face-to-face sex. Prior to this, it was “whoever gets me from behind.” At the first whiff of ovulation (yes, that's still a thang) it was a free-for-all. Afterwards, it sped up our evolution at such a fast rate that we are now writing snarky Answers about our ancestors on 6.2″ computers and not the other way around.

Other biological factors include hygiene, skin tone, eye color, pheromones (again, the Whiff Test), and facial hair. If you doubt me about smell and its affect on our sexual behaviors, Google the “Boarmate Experiment” on your own since my phone hasn't yet awakened from its coma.

Supra-biological causes for May-December trysts behind the Christmas tree stem from our ability to reason, albeit often under the influence of the biological ones. Did she smile when you cracked a joke? Did he look you in the eyes instead of staring at your chest? Do you have similar passions? Like to read and go camping? Netflix & Chill? That is our souls speaking face-to-face. Once the hot & heavy, rapid breathing, face-flushing, arrythmia-generating passions have ceded into the background, can the supra-brain keep you together?

My own case proves this. Last Fall I slipped into a manic episode. I happened to be in my hotel room the first day and instantaneously fell head over heels with a housekeeping woman half my age. Did I want to screw her? Of course (biological). Did I want to manipulate her into sex (suprabiological)? Absolutely not. In fact, she was an ex-stripper, crack dealer, so hardly someone who would be innocent. Does that sound like manipulation to you?

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