Mi Yard Reopened

Welcome to Mi Yard

Mi Yard the 24hr Restaurant and Music Bar is now on @ReggaeSteem. Mi Yard is well know for good food. Many tourist and local said we have the best egg-sandwich, festival/breadstick tuna in the World. We are also know as the place for the Earliest and Latest Coffee. The staffs at Mi Yard are friendly and polite we will go the extra mile to make our visitors , friends and family happy.

Some years ago one of the most popular news paper in Jamaica said we have the best Curry Goat on the entire North Coast of Jamaica. The North Coast is where most of the major hotels and resorts are. A writer of Hardball Magaze in the USA wrote that his favorite bar in the World is Mi Yard. He argued that one of the reason he chooses Mi Yard as his best bar was that you could come here anytime and have a chat with the owner about any topic, kool eh.

We also offer room and cottage services. These room and cottages are just metres from the Caribbean Sea blue sea. Relaxing on the is breathtaking as it relates to tropical view. We about ten (10) minutes from the World Famous Rick Cafe. In the early morning one can enjoy the wisper of the sea, the rising sun and and the movement of the fishermen making their way out to sea.

Over the years we had been doing Live Broadcast. We feature singers, dancers, poets, firemen etc. The music is generally roots/rock reggae although some times one can hear a mix of different genre. Mi Yard is planning to bring all things MiYard to ReggaeSteem. We hope to bring all our fans over to ReggaeSteem on the blockchain. We are tuning-up the music equipments and instruments, if they are ready on time we will start broadcasting here maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Mi Yard is already BLOCKCHAIN and CRYPTO friendly, we accepted bitcoin, gochain and ethereum and now jahm.

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Welcome aboard. Hopefully one day I can visit your place and spend some Jahm. Until then keep posting that delicious food and culture. @reggaesteem is a lot of fun so far so it's time to spread the word to all the Reggae enthusiasts around the world to come earn and learn!

14.07.2019 08:23

Yes bredda! Bless up on the re-open! Food look good man. Dem scotch bonnet deh woulda sell if nuff over yah .
Yo all di condense milk catch me 🤣
Long time mi use none.

14.07.2019 10:12

Food looks lovely I could all that right now thanks for sharing

14.07.2019 16:32

I definitely wish to visit this place one day :)

15.07.2019 00:12

@miyard, Welcome and hope that your journey will be successful on Steem Blockchain and REGGAESTEEM. Restaurant joined the REGGAESTEEM platform, this is definitely an boost for this Ecosystem.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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15.07.2019 04:10

when i go Jamaica Mi Yard is where im going.

Posted via ReggaeSteem.io | Reggae Culture Rewarded

18.07.2019 16:32