My photography#65

Doodle and zentangle art by me. I used pncil, pen and marker for this art.
I think those arts are more comfortable than mandala art. It takes much time in mandala art. Doodle and zentangle arts are more and not need so much time.You have to belive yourself and also belive to your creativity and your imagination can make this art more beautiful. So, create some doodle and zentangle art and bring out the artist inside you.

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well done Xx

24.08.2019 14:28

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24.08.2019 15:43

It looks like it still takes a lot of patience to do your drawing. Well done.

25.08.2019 13:38

Yes, Sir. Need patience for this kind of art. But, you can do easily when you practice this.

25.08.2019 14:31