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We see flowers of different colors. Red, blue, yellow, purple, white - how many flowers are there in color? Blue blossoms mean unpleasantness. The more wonderful name is the flower. It has many features. Let's not know about cultivation.Identity: Aprajita flower is included in the Popilionaceae family. It's English name is "Butterfly P", it is also called "Nilkantha" because of its dark blue. This flower came from the island of Malacca. Clitoria ternitica is a scientific name for the aptitude that came from Ternate or Malacca. Clitoria means vaginal flora. This is the name for the shape of the flower. In Kerala it is called "Shankhpuppi".
Characteristic-Trees and green leaves flower on prominent trees. However, there is no odor in the flowers. Yet the flower is unique in color. Light green leafy elliptic elliptical. Shrubs grow flowers all year long. The perennials grow up to 20 feet tall. The tree grows on one petal and two layers of petals on the tree.Seedlings-Unseasonal flower tree stalks are required to be planted on damp soil during monsoon. Small gray and black beech plants have to be dried in the sun and planted on soft soil. This tree can be planted in the courtyard, tub or garden. It grows on the surrounding tall trees.

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Very interesting flower. That you for sharing the photograph and the information.

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Thank you,Sir.

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