My photography#43

Today, I am sharing some sky photographs.I love sky and love clouds and colour of the sky.The sky feels better to me, the better to the cloud. How many clouds of color and size are wandering in the evening in the sky? And it rules the sky with irregular colors.

If it was not for work, it would be very special for me to see the sky standing on the road like a fool. The camera is taken with the camera. Most of the pictures are really bad. A very small number of speculators come from the lower middle class. This post is for the sole purpose of hurting you with some such pictures.

The morning sky is soft,soft white blue,holy. The clouds float in the air, and the clouds run away. The sun's color disperses the colors of the clouds. From pink to purple, red to orange, sometimes dark,the upscale red clouds keep the sky light.

Goodbye sadness in the evening. The mysterious light of the last day is sad to say goodbye. The clouds are red in color. And the depression disappears like a selfish self spread across the western sky and the sun disappears once.

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Very beautiful sky photos

28.07.2019 13:55

Thank you, Sir.

28.07.2019 14:13