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Belly flower:English name:Jasmine sambac
When there was no technology in our hand, beloved youngsters were not full of pocket sense, beloved flower roses, belly flower wreath was used to break the standard.Jasmine sambac, the English name of Belly Flower, is the name Belly Flower in the Bengali Academy dictionary, but it is known to all people as Belly Flower.
Now, the secret of love has become technologically dependent and red roses, but in the past, there has been no shortage of beloved flower garlands. Yet belly flower is the means to win the hearts of the beloved or to break the pride.
Children's florist came forward saying, "Madam, will you pick up a fresh bale flower wreath?" Flower dealers standing at the corner of the street are hung in sleek blankets in the hands of children.Intense aroma of white color, Balaya flower especially suitable for garland manufacture is well known in Bangladesh.Be it for decoration or for the aromatic aroma, belly flowers are a favorite of all. The appeal of belly flowers is still unique among thousands of flower beauties.
Bailey's garland has a special role in building the garland of love.What a fascination, it is wonderful to have memories of Belly! The belly of the belly flower seemed trivial to the gold ornament. All the books I received from a loved one were in the flower garden.I love white bells impossible. To me Belly seems to be a symbol of purity and whiteness.The variety of flowers market is rich. The obligation to look back at the numerous flowers in color. But there is no such gentle appeal. It is incomparable to hold everyone's gaze in the hoop or in the hand. The best part of the wedding decoration is Belly Flowers.mdg2zq9trl.jpg
Belly flowers reduce the nerve pressure of humans. The mind becomes pure and spontaneous in whiteness. The beauty and aroma of this flower works like magic to relieve the fatigue of the mind. Keeping flowers on the plate next to the bed at night eliminates exhaustion and enlivens the night environment. Clear white removes anger.Conveniently speaking - no girl in Bangladesh can get angry after Belly Flowers.
I captured a wild flower also. It's also white. I don't know the name.

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26.07.2019 08:48

The Jasmine flower is beautiful. I love the pink blush on the petals.

26.07.2019 13:40

Thank you, Sir.

26.07.2019 13:43