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Nilachol, Bandarban, Bangladesh:
Clouds covered in blue.
The most beautiful tourist center of Bandarban is Nilachol. About 100 feet above sea level, the rain falls in the rainy season, autumn or winter.
Apart from this, Bandarban city can be seen from a distance. A resort has recently been added to this charming tourist center, developed by the Bandarban District Administration. From now on, so in addition to walking here, tourists will have the opportunity to stay the night.
About six kilometers from Bandarban town, Tigerpara area. At the top of the hill, the Bandarban District Administration established the fascinating tourist center, named after the Nilachal Tourist Complex. There are many different types of facilities for tourists on the hillside.
About three kilometers from Chittagong after leaving the city, a small road on the left hand side of the road has gone down the river. It is about three kilometers to reach the mountain. Occasionally, a small hill on the two sides of the path can be seen inhabited by small ethnic"3p7rjddk7p.jpg groups.Recently some new places have been created for the tourists at Nilachal. From here, the 'hanging blue' next to the ticket room has gradually been built down to a few more restrooms. Notable of these are the "nebula" and "valentine" points.
These places have been arranged on the slopes of the hills. One is completely different from the other. From one place to another, the view of the mountain also seems different.
However, the beauty of the main river is much higher. From here the beauty of the mountains can be better enjoyed.A family member from Dhaka said that he had visited Nilgiri a day earlier. Today came down the aisle. He liked this place more. According to him, the beauty of the surrounding mountains can be enjoyed very well.
At the very top of the Nilachal Tourism Center there are several observation centers for tourists. These centers are built in a beautiful architecture style around the main hill top of the Nile. One is completely different from the other, and the views of the mountains are different in every direction. The monsoon and the rainy season is followed by a cloud game here. Shortly afterwards, a cloud of clouds came from the distant mountains to the top of the sapphire, covering the surroundings in a cool soft bush.
The resort here is an added attraction for swimming. Name Sapphire Scape Resort. Sunset is allowed only for the general tourist in this place. However, it is always open for resort guests.
The owner of the resort's management company, said there are six rooms in three cottages at Nilachal Scape Resort. The rent for each room is 3 thousand taka. The authorities also provide good quality food for the guests of the resort.

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