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Chimbuk hill, Bandarban, Bangladesh:
The mountains or the sea, which is the most beloved of these two natural beauties? it is not certain that tourism lovers will not be able to tell. However, many lovers may have given his loving person a romantic promise to buy the hill. The Chimbuk Hill is known as the queen of the mountains and mountain beauty of Bangladesh. It is the third largest hill in our country.I, love this place so much.
The location of Chimbuk hill almost 25 kilometers from Bandarban district. Its height is about 20 hundred feet above sea level. The mountain scenes on both side of the road to Chimbuk are very pleasant. On the way to Chimbuk, the Sangu River will make your travel more attractive and aesthetic. In the mountains, along with the highest road of Bangladesh, it will be thought that by collecting in the car, they are climbing on the moon chest. Standing up to 2500 feet high will see this diverse natural scene in Chimbuk hill.119hyfjrxz.jpg Standing on the hill, you can see the clouds turn around. Cox's Bazar and Chittagong's different upazilas are seen from here and you can enjoy a great view from here.

In the rainy season, the clouds floating on the side of the mountain seem like the sky of clouds is the chimubk floating.
The hotel or the restaurant was not built here because it was located in the remote hill area of ​​Thanchi. There is a resthouse under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner. There is a chance to spend the night on the permission of the Deputy Commissioner. There is an army canteen next to the chimney. Breakfast is available in the morning and afternoon.We did our breakfast there. Apart from going from Bandarban to Chimbuk, there are two tourist centers named Milanachari and Shakura. However, it is best to leave for Bandarban with light food and other necessities.suhe9vlvlv.jpgTraveling Dear Friends, Those of you who have not yet seen the beauty of the Chimbuk Hills can come. It's a wonderful place.

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