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The contribution of crab is increasing gradually among the components that play an important role in Bangladesh's export earnings. From economic point of view, the location of crab in the country's exported fisheries property after shrimp. Although the amount of crabs currently produced in our country can not be correctly determined, foreign currency is getting about 25 million rupees per year from the export of crab.36zjr359sn.jpg Crab survives both species of sweet and bitter water. Cuddle of sweet water is small in size and the salt water is very large in the form of crabs. Of the total 15 species of crab found in the country, 4 species of saint or sweet water are crab and 11 species of marine. Madkrub is the commercially important crab in marine species of crabs. It is the largest in the form of other species of crab. Apart from St. Martin, the spread of crab is found in the coastal rivers of Cox's Bazar, Chittagong, Noakhali, Patuakhali, Barisal, Satkhira and Khulna and the areas of Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sandwip, Hatiya, Dubalchar area, coastal shrimp farms, sea estuaries, rivers and mangrove forests (Sundarbans). Saltwater in the crabs of naturally produced crab, in the same area of ​​Bagda Shrimp farming, is grown in a similar environment with shrimp shrimp. The crabs produced in the shrimp farms have created a lot of interest in the cultivation of crab in the coastal areas as the export of shrimp has started abroad for the last few years. As well as naturally produced crabs, there has been an enthusiasm to cultivate plannedly. Indeed, in the field of the field, the cultivation of crab is not yet very extensive in our country.
Major advantages of crabs

Climate of the coastal region of Bangladesh is present in the cultivation of crabs;
Its production is profitable due to the demand in the international market;
Natural pona (teenage crabs) is now available in Bangladesh;
Canned food can be collected at a low price;
Growth rate of Crab as weight;
Foreign currency can be earned through the export of crabs;
Can live a long time except crabs and tolerate adverse environmental conditions;
Pure irrigation makes the environment pure.