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Thank you @SteemwomensClub for this new contest, a wonderful topic such as love. Love for me is a wonderful energy that envelops our whole being and that allows us to love ourselves first and then to expand it with love to all humanity, to everything that surrounds us. Love is what sustains our existence on this planet.

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Love for my Family

We must demonstrate and express love every day of our lives to the people we love, however many times we do not do it due to imposed beliefs or shyness, among other things. Today I will write about the immense love that I feel for my beautiful family, beginning with the great love that I feel for my Parents who are not in this plane of existence, and I know that from where those souls are, feel the great love and gratitude that I feel for them.

My parents taught to us, to love, share, and respect betwen each other. I realized a long time ago that when you sow well, you reap well. Over time, my sisters and brothers have passed on love, respect and sharing to their children, as well as other very positive things.

I have had many learnings in life, I have had many obstacles to achieve things, nothing has been made easy for me, however I have been able to achieve some things that I have proposed, and what has not been manifested, is, because it does not correspond to me at that time . Since I have reason to be, my family and I have always been in contact, since I live in another city.

Usually I travel to where they live and sometimes they come to my apartment. However with all these experiences, there are always things that I have learned to value more. For me when there was the radical quarantine in my country it was very hard, I really spent a week in shock, I didn't know what to do, I just wondered what I am going to do to make money and support myself. During this time of quarantine, as I had no savings, I had to close the business I had, in a Shopping Center.

Everything in life is an apprenticeship, what I did was connect even more with God, and I decided to put everything in his hands. It is in those difficult moments that we know who our true friends are. In those days my vehicle's battery was discharged, the internet dropped, I couldn't leave the house, because I live a bit far from the city, everything was closed, the good thing was that I had food at home.

I opened myself to receive the blessings of the father and I said to myself well these are my divine merits. My family told me,
You have always helped us, now that you need us, we are going to help you. That was a great thing in those difficult times. One of the greatest learnings was knowing that my life, my livelihood not only came from my business that I had to close, but it came from the Light of God, from the Universal Source of All That Is and All That Exists. I feel blessed for the family I have, and for having had such wonderful parents, the education they gave us, and for having my brothers and nephews who I love infinitely.


Talk about your personality

The personality of each of my relatives is different, in the case of my parents, my mother was soft, very loving and my father had a strong character, but he knew how to express love and trust. They were very kind, friendly people and they loved helping others, my mother loved to advise her children and the young people of the neighborhood where we lived. The character of my brothers and nephews are different, some are very loving and others a little more serious, but we understand each other very well, the important thing is tolerance and the respect with which we all treat each other, that is called love, no matter their beliefs, the important thing among us is that we love and respect each other.
Well my family loves to help others, they like to share with neighbors and friends.


Describe your favorite feature

In general, the characteristics of my family is that they are very jokers, they make a joke of all the things that are not very good, those that happen to them individually and the things that happen in the country, so when we talk there is always a joke , and we laugh about it. I love that because the smile is one of the most beautiful things that human beings have, it also raises our immune system.


Talk about your sacrifice

Well, I remember that my parents when someone came to the house they fed them and sometimes my mother was left with nothing to feed the visitor, she did it with great pleasure. He said that he cannot allow that person to leave home hungry, without eating.
My sisters have sacrificed part of their lives for their children, my two sisters went out alone with their children, their partners were not very responsible with them, nor with their children. Well, they had to go to work every day to support their children, with food and studies, and they did very well, thanks to the Father Creator.


I declare my love my family

My family know that I love them from my heart center, I have told them in person, in messages and with my actions. However I write it here and share this beautiful sentiment with all of you, and maybe they will read this post at some point.
Beloved family I love you infinitely from my heart center and I am infinitely grateful to have you as family, as friends, for all that we have shared, and for all the good that we lack to share. Thank you for the love they have given me, for all the advice they gave me at the most opportune moments, I value that very much. I am infinitely grateful to my biological parents for being loving beings with me and my entire family, for giving me a large family like the one I have at this time. I am blessed, thank you, thank you, thank you for existing and for always being in the here and in the present now.

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I invite @benavides54, @franyeligonzales and @sacra97 to participate in this beautiful contest.

I appreciate the support of @booming01, @booming04, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02,
Thanks to all the women in this community.

Thanks for viewing and reading my publication
by: @mirla33

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hi @mirla33 I have confirmed your contest entry. Like all women, you expressed your love with your best words. The biggest chance in this life is to have a good family. It always makes you happy. May your love be eternal. I congratulate you for your nice words. .
Thank you very much for participating in the contest. Our slogan in this community; together we are strong. We will support each other. I will strive for women to win. . Keep making quality posts in the community.
If there is any problem, you can access it from the discord channel. Good luck :)

17.02.2021 10:44

Hi @steemwomensclub, thank you for your comment. It is wonderful to have a loving family. I love this motto, together we are strong. Greetings from Venezuela.

17.02.2021 15:09