Star of Bethlehem/Ornithogalum umbellatum


Star of Bethlehem, scientific name: Ornithogalum umbellatum, also known as Star of Bethlehem, is a genus with more than 180 species. It is a bulbous perennial plant of the Asparagaceae family, native to most of central and southern Europe, northwestern Africa and southwestern Asia, also in North America.

This plant was cultivated in an ornamental way, and has spread wildly in many areas of the planet, including Venezuela, so I have the privilege of having one of them in my garden. They tend to stick very easily, their bulb is very similar to those of wild garlic.

This is a sunny plant, it does best in humid areas. However, if it is planted in a pot, it is given water every day, it blooms between the months of April and May.

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Camera: Blu G6
Location: Venezuela
by: @mirla33

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