Simple but good - Kids favourite


few days ago I've written about how the quality of the ingredients are fundamental in the food preparation here.

Now, I would like to get a bit deeper in this concept with this practical example from my culinary culture.

I'm from Italy, as you can easily understand from my blog posts, and as maybe you know already, in our culture the food is quite important, and we give a big value on it.


While in other countries, the plate in my photo is considered to be a "normal" plate to serve to your regular customers, I'm telling it from my own personal experience, in Italy, this is normally served to the kids, while the grown-ups taste the real deal food.

Something so simple, and practically without marination, and real preparation, if cooked with proper technique and with fresh ingredients, can bring you a nice food experience, and can let you really taste the freshens of the local ingredients.

It is important in my opinion to serve something, even if really simple, but genuine and honest, like this even the simplest plate can get its own personality, and its own good taste.

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05.12.2021 02:23

Thanks for the post.

In fact, children prefer that type of food.

05.12.2021 13:03