Pregnant from shower gel?

What I’ll tell you right now doesn’t fit in my head. How could this happen, I just don’t understand! But then, once, it happened. And to turn away from this fact, the author simply has no right!

One young woman became pregnant! And the husband was absolutely nothing to do with it!

Have you cheated on me? - the husband looked suspiciously at is wife.

- No, whhat are you! - the wife was dignant.

- But hohow did t happen?

- Maybe be the shower gel is to blame? - suggesthe wife.

- What oat other shower gel? - the husband did noerstand.

Unfortnately,  read thead the name gel was completeossible!

- You deYou definitely did not cheat on me? - asked the suspiciousd again.

- Well, Well, of course not! - pouted wife. - How can youst me ?!

- Then t- Then tell me, where did you buy this glue? .. Ugh you! .. Not glue, but gel! - exclaimed the husband. - I personally will go there, demand a plaintive book, and ... and ... I’ll to them

A big te A big tear and ...

- I want - I want pic roared.

- Do not. - Do not worry! Pregnant is not allowed! .. - warned the husband. - Now I'm going anpickles!

And he tes! And he took a shower with the same gel, from which his wife allegedly became pWham! ..

He began.. He began to feel nauseous. He pulled a can of pickles out of it and ate eight cucumbers at a time! He immediately gnawed a watermelon rind and swallowed a ced milk!

- What hlk! - What happened with me ?! - scared her husband. - Am I also ... pregnant ?! If so, then it’s better not to worry! It is harmful to pregnant women! .. Damn, whatabout ?!

No regait ?! No regained consciousnessoundly!

Gynecolondly! Gynecologists madeure.

Two s gesture. Two months later, the most incredible thing happened! .. Universal pregnancppeared!

has disappeared!

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