The Cosmos Blockchain warrants more recognition for it’s valuable utility as a decentralised blockchain platform

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Cosmos Blockchain has been ripe and alive in the Blockchain ecosystem for a while, and has already attracted plenty of notable projects like Terra, Anchor Protocol, Mirror Protocol, Injective Protocol(INJ), KAVA, Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and many more projects that have built inside it.

## Binance Smart Chain has been a star Blockchain in the recent months creating a buzz

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BSC in these recent months was trending in the crypto space, because it was a hot hit with DEFI projects like PanCakeSwap that successfully drew in many retail investors who could not get into the DEFI ecosystem of the Ethereum Blockchain because of those high transaction fees.

## BSC has been creating too much buzz while Cosmos has not attracted much attention

We all who are part of the HIVE Blockchain community are aware about CubFinance Dex built by Hive developers of LeoFinance community on BSC. We all notice BSC, but hardly acknowledge the Cosmos Blockchain on which BSC is built on. However, Cosmos Blockchain has been around for a while and definitely deserves recognition as a major player in the Blockchain space with immense potential.

BSC is getting so much acclaim with it merely being a Blockchain built on Cosmos, then Cosmos warrants more credit, being the main chain that has provided infrastructure for BSC to function. Besides, PanCakeSwap, I am sure there are many more DEFI projects with low transaction fees inside the Cosmos Ecosystem which we can explore too.

## Cosmos Hub has become an integrated “internet of Blockchains” finally!!


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Recently even Cosmos is in news because the blockchain has finally entered the stage where it’s turning into an interporeoble blockchain after 5 years of its launch [with Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) ]( protocol now rolled out in Cosmos. IBC is a cross-chain technology that will power IBC compatible blockchains to transfer tokens and data between them, thus interoperability is slowly becoming a reality in the Cosmos Blockchain, which is HUGE!!

Early this year Cosmos was heading very close to its vision of being a nicely inter-connected blockchain, an “internet of Blockchains” with the [Stargate upgrade]( The Stargate was a list of upgrades that began the final phase of the transition of the Cosmos Blockchain into an inter-connected blockchain.

Now, all the projects in the Cosmos Hub, which are independent parallel chains inside the hub [can exchange tokens and information to each other](, which will be very beneficial for the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem. To briefly elucidate it let’s take examples.

Now Kava Labs can share the ChainLink Oracle data it has access to, with other blockchain projects inside Cosmos with the IBC protocol on the Cosmos Hub enabling the required data transfer process.

Now the Kava DEFI platform can also use the Terra stable coin tokens in its platform, tapping the liquidity of the Terra platform which is also inside the Cosmos ecosystem.

Now [Cosmos Blockchain is an interconnected Blockchain]( and this is very beneficial for the further growth of the Cosmos ecosystem which is already among the largest public Blockchain Ecosystems existing today.

## Fundamentals are sound for Cosmos’s Atom token to appreciate more...


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Cosmos Blockchain is home to over 200 crypto projects, and the combined total value of the network is over $80 Billion. The Cosmos Blockchain has been ripe as well for a while for Dapp development, so one can be confident about the prospects of further appreciation of Cosmos’s Atom crypto token too.

**More write ups on Cosmos Blockchain coming up, stay tuned!!**

*Disclaimer - This is not investment advice, just my article about my understanding of this particular crypto project.*

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