OMG's Layer 2 scaling solution that’s reducing the transfer cost of USDT in Bitfinex Exchange

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One tends to wonder if there is any Ethereum Layer 2 solution available that can be implemented by Exchanges, wallets, dapps, custodians that would reduce transaction cost and validation times for transfer of value in the Ethereum Network. And guess what there is such a Layer 2 scaling solution at work as well!!

OMG Network is such a layer 2 scaling solution and tether is integrated into OMG's layer 2 scaling solution.

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OMG’s scaling solution much needed considering the increased fee costs of transferring USDT assets


USDT, tether, we all know is the largest stable coin around being used by crypto investors and traders. The gas fee cost of transferring USTD tokens in the Ethereum network has skyrocketed in the recent months, therefore a layer 2 scaling solution like OMG’s is much required to reduce the USDT transfer fee cost and reduce congestion on the Ethereum Network.

Bitfinex Exchange has integrated OMG network’s scaling solution for USDT assets

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Now with USDT support being there in the OMG network, Bitfinex Exchange has integrated with the OMG Network to have USDT deposits and withdrawals happen using OMG’s value transfer layer that reduces USDT’s transfer fee cost to a few cents while increasing transaction processing speeds to thousands of transactions per second as in comparison with the Ethereum Network.

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Why have other exchanges not adopted OMG’s scaling solution beats me!!

Now, I wonder why Binance and other top exchanges are not implementing OMG’s Layer 2 solution like Bitfinex Exchange so that the cost of transferring USTD gets cheaper , any idea what’s stopping them?

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Innovations are made, used, worked, but it is possible that the fact that everything works as it is is convenient for some, and therefore they prefer not to implement it. Or maybe they're working on it, and it involves more work than you think to adapt that technology to what's already there, I really don't know, I have no idea how they do it.

By the way @mintymile, I hope your dad is evolving quite well. You take care of yourself.

17.09.2020 23:58