Introducing a very special creature : My Cat Garu



He may not be like the cartoon cat he is named after Garfield but he is a super cool animated pet nevertheless. As a kitten he climbed a tree and won 3th and 4th best kitten award in the cat show. The cat judge confirmed to me that my cat is a good natured cat, only problem was he hate crowds and is not happy being in the cat show, if he was more cooperative he would have got higher prize. She congratulated me for such a dear kitten. This was over two years ago, when the assumed age of Garu was about 5 months.



In the past this fellow was a keen runner, out of the flat, go four floors down and he knew there was the world he loved - grass, sand and boy he loved rolling over, biting grass and just enjoying the outdoors. However, his outdoor life got cut, as it was me who had to go after him leaving my work, there were times when a big cat or more stared at him and just like that there would culminate a frantic run and chase with Garu being chased by the big cat and me chasing big cat. However, now and then Garu would run getting lost, meow around from either the 7the floor, 3rd floor or some other random floor and the whole flat got to know there was a drama on with someone finding her cat, that wants her to take it home and is meowing from somewhere.



His indoor life was quite active as well, as one day he would be top of the cupboard, chipandale and boy Garu looked like a cutiepie showpiece on the chippendale. When bored he kicked plastic flower vase from top. It also opened cupboards, bit litter packets and spread litter around the house. He had bitten and jumped on bean bag beans which was a hard job to clean. At that point I have beaten the creature, he made it a point to bite and spread something or other. However, things evolved, Garu continued to do his naughty antics and learned tEG7w4)

Garu wsuberb at - sprint away and hide underneath anywhere where it is difficult to catch him. In general Garu’s been happy.


Garu was got from an animal shelter. The idea was to buy a breeded cat but fate had it that we prefered a free cat from a shelter, then a fashionable breeded cat that would be costly. The place had a space with dogs after crossing that came the cat place. There were adult cats lazing around, most of them fat and they looked as if they were in jail. Then on the next enclosure were kittens, few of them (compared to the fat adult cats) but all ordinary little cats. Some of them were keen to bite my finger, one climbed the top of the encloser and was hissing but there was one kitten 2017.


I took t than all kittens but looked different because of its brown colour, it was the only kitten that stayed on my hand for the longest period of time. And this was my first connection with Garu going back to March of 2017.

I took the kitten holding him down, crossing the dog shelter, full barks followed with this kitten not being happy being kidnapped. The kitten was then decidedly given to us put inside a cardboard punched with holes. I was told since I took the liberty of taking it out, its mine. The little thing seemed medium level friendly, but it hated its first injection of vaccine after which it just lay inactive frozen on the cardboard. So, that’s how we got Garu. He had to be put up in my room that was super messy with the balcony being completely muddy as I was trying my hand on planting.


For a cat, Garu was friendly, it loved sleeping on my lap when I was working. It was active, playful but did not eat. Soon, it got sick with weakness, dehydration and stomach infection. The little cat was forced to have drips with it screaming in pain when the drip needle was inserted to its little body and besides this it had to have injections, big injections that are painful. Doctor said, its a young cat and it may not survive, let’s hope for the best. The drip treatment had to be given for 1 week without fail. The creature was given some vitamin medicines and appetite boosting syrup also as well.

Post 5 days of treatment, Garu was out of danger. One fine day, I was eating my food and Garu began pressingly meowing to me conveying something. He eat a piece of patato from my plate and I understood he was hungry at last!! We had given up on Garu eating food as he had wasted the dry food we had given him all these days.
Now, we could give him that kitten food which, he eat ravenously. He fully recovered from his tummy infection only 1 -2 months later, till then he had fever and did not go motion normally.

Post his recovery, we had him at the cat show, later the creature got scabies, with these parasites that live on sand getting inside my kitten and drinking its blood. It was a hard time with Garu scarating. So only post 6 months after Garu came home, he was completely well. Now still Garu is very thin, I suspect, it’s because of the issues it suffered as a young cat but he definitely is healthy, happy and content.


I have omitted a lot of other naughty things Garu had done. As a kitten we would find that the bathroom and kitchen drain lid was often removed with the lid lying on the side because kitten Garu removed it. In my room even if the balcony is closed, Garu learnt how to go to the balcony. He experimented opening the slidable window which worked after which he cut an opening to the window net, and jumped out to the balcony. Besides this he figured how to open a slide style small balcony door covering an opening made to fit an old AC. So, now, I find at nights my window slightly open, it irritates me because mosquitoes come, but that’s Garu having opened the window jumping to the balcony.


During his kittenhood he was also very prominent in spoting roaches which he loved to play with, mostly it helped us get rid of the insect. He picked up a baby lizard twice where once my Mom had to take the lizard out from its mouth. He had also figured out a way to enter my neighbour's balcony which was netted by making an opening in the side and squeezing under the small opening of the net then entering into the neighbour’s balcony where he chilled basically.


So, this was the early life of Garu cat. By nature, he is sweet, harmless, playful cat, he can be very funny when he does his naughty stuff. He is also a very loving thing. More on this and some more of his attics in the next write up.



There is more to this cat than can be covered in one write up actually, meanwhile enjoy this clip from cartoon garfield, kind of echoes how much I react with Garu when he does some mischief.!

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23.07.2019 12:56

Congratulation for your prizes Garfield! 😄

He is really cute (is a he, right?)

Btw, Apparently he is not afraid of heights, I had vertigo when I saw him resting at the edge of the building and on the column.😲

26.07.2019 14:19

No, you can see he is laying on the edge of the unnetted balcony, the railing one, where plants are there. Cats are acrobatic, he ones walked on the balcony railing separating our house balcony from my neighbours and went to my neighbours house, where he was meowing and he himself walked with fear back to our house balcony walking on that narrow railing. He hangs around on the egde all the time. Now we have one balcony netted, coz it cut a opening in the side of my other neigbours balcony and went inside. The net that was made in my balcony was actually for keeping monkeys away. That cat is very acrobatic and absolutely fearless of heights. Thanks for visiting(:

28.07.2019 14:07

Jeez! He is a daredevil cat! 😄

Monkeys? Do they get into your house? You should take a picture of them 😁

28.07.2019 19:19