Beachy Day with lake ride - Pondycherry’s Chunnambar Boat House and Paradise Beach


Around for a really pleasant day with a bit of rains


Our next destination to enjoy in Pondicherry turned out to be Chunnambar Boat House, from where boats take you to Paradise Beach. Our first day in Pondy was really hot, however, our second day was pleasant with a bit of rains making it’s special appearance.


The Chunnambar Boat house is a nice sandy campus, with trees, plenty of spots to rest about with shade.


This is much needed for at times as you may need to wait a while for a boat to take you off from there to Paradise Beach.

Pondycherry’s Chunnambar Boat House for a ride from the lake to the Beach...


The Boat house is maintained by Government, they charge 300 bucks for a large common motor boat ride to and from Paradise beach and back to the Chunnambar boat house.


Again, this is a little pricey for Indian locals as I have read in the internet people suggesting to visit Serenity beach instead since there is no charges like this there. However, I definitely think this boat ride coming along with the Paradise Beach experience is worth it in spite of the entry fees charged.

I could see, there are measures to make this more commercial as I saw some Kerela boat house style grand boats here, as if this was some beautiful backwaters of Kerala, far from it. I think charges to ride in that Kerela boat house style grand boat would be Rs 15,000 or so!!!

Enjoyable Rainy motor cruise


The boat ride in the common motor boat proved to be nice, as the weather was a little wet and dripping with some rain. There were some sweet views of green lined spread of trees around an end of the lake and closer views of them was possible.

Dripping rain effect made the boat ride more exciting as well, with wind blowing freshness, ahhh, priceless.


I was definitely lucky to be able to enjoy this, as when Pondy is hot, sun would burn you and one can’t be excited to stand up or sit so openly in this boat to welcome and enjoy the cool weather a tall for sure, one would that time rather take cover from the harsh sun!!


Welcome to Paradise Beach!!



Soon, the boat takes you to Paradise… he..he..he...meant Paradise Beach. It’s very welcoming as a sign welcomes you here and to some extent, the name is not unsuited as this beach is a lovely place to hangout and have fun. You can get wet in the beach playing with the waves without a worry!!


Getting closer to the beach area, one can hear the unmistakable wave sound or rhythmic roar of the beach, sweet!! …

Then there starts a vast sandy area with beachy suited roofed but open rest spots, shielding you from the sun or rain yet keeping you open to the sounds and melodies of the waves while giving you the pleasant touches of that sweet, sweet wind.

It is a lovely place to relax and do nothing.

You can be sure to be in the company of crows though, who would be very keen in grabbing some food.


Rest rooms and changing rooms for men and women all there, so everyone here can play in waves carefreely!!


Let’s demand Coconut Juice in Paper Straws Please!!

There was a coconut stall as well, I clearly expressed that I can’t have any coconut juice if he gives me that in plastic straws, sorry, and that shrewd fellow gave me coconut with a paper straw, although I was the only consumer he gave me that eco-friendly paper straw, rest of the customers did not care about their plastic straws as their concern was only coconut enjoyment, damn, how frustrating!!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Coconut juice and pulp with paper straw. Cooly,cool.

IMG20200102WA0004 1.jpg

There is a beach eating joint as well, which serves fresh and delicious cutlets, tomato soup, spring rolls which is what I can vouch for as I have not tasted their other menu offerings.

All in all I feel, Chunnambar boat house and Paradise beach is a must visit destination at Pondicherry.

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10.01.2020 13:37

Hi mintymile,

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11.01.2020 03:51

Lovely to get this special honour of getting @curie attention and upvote on my blog writeup. Thankyou!!

13.01.2020 09:22

Thank you for bringing us along your trip! :) One of the most exciting thing for me when going to a beach is the boat ride and I can imagine it going to Paradise Beach with you through your lovely photos. The sand looks soft but the sky looks threatening isn't it? Are there places there offering kayaking, banana boat, surfing services?

11.01.2020 04:52

There is some surfing school near Serenity beach there, not aware of it being here though, shame are it not. It's seems to have great surf this beach, but I see kayaking and boards out about, makes me wonder why?. Thanks for vising!!

13.01.2020 09:20

awesome day put despite the bit of rain. i love me some coconut juice, yum, yum. thanks for sharing your day with us!

11.01.2020 11:16

Thanks for reading my post and commenting ! mimismartypants . Actually bit of rains made it better(: , I love being outside during rains close to Nature, it's refreshing and exciting.

13.01.2020 09:17

Nos regala unas fotos muy hermosas de tu viaje, excelente travesía, excelente lugar para disfrutar de un día de total relax. Te felicito por tu buen arte

11.01.2020 15:31

Beautiful photographs I liked the tour you did in this wonderful place since it is in direct contact with nature and it is relaxing to enjoy. I love to know places even through them. I congratulate you on your good art and your vote of curie. My greetings.

11.01.2020 18:03

thanks dear!!

13.01.2020 09:21

A splendid beach day. I was surprised by the huge stretch of sand on the beach. It must be beautiful to be there with the family. A cordial greeting @mintymile

11.01.2020 20:58

halo @mintymile, you really had a nice trip, surely with the sun it would have been amazing, and what a desire for coconut I have now;)) congratulations for your vote curie, have a nice day

12.01.2020 13:54

Thankyou @road2horizon...not much of sunny times that day, it was rainy kind of but I loved the weather anyways, some sun surely blessed the time out there..

13.01.2020 09:12

The weather wasn't ideal but you still had a lot of fun. Great photos!

Thank you for sharing and have a good day!

15.01.2020 09:37