4 years of my dearest pet cat, Garu in my life


Can’t believe, my cat Garu has been with me for 4 years. He was got from a shelter home for Rs 100 on March 2017 when he was a kitten of about 3 and a half years old. Obviously, he is a big cat now, although he still has that charm of a naughty kitten, and to my eyes, he is still a young cat.


Garu still is a playful, energetic creature who is curious to explore cardboard boxes, play with a fallen pigeon feather I get home, and keen to check out any box parcel that arrives at home.


The Antics of cat Garuji still continues


I remember how special this cat was, friendly, adjusting but sneaky. You can find him eager to jump up heights in the house confidently and quietly settling down on top of Cupboards, to cat walking in the open balcony and going to the animal hater neighbour's house.


Yup, he did cause us some trouble with the neighbour, but what to do, we have accepted Garu as part of the household, to bear that inconvenience of facing the ire of the neighbour for Garu’s sake.

However, now Garu has ceased to jump over to the neighbours house, and I hate that neighbour because of cat Garu, no regrets in that.

Cat Garu gets a stubborn paper bag cling to his body but succeeded in freeing himself


Recently, Garu was exploring a paper bag that’s small for his size and got his neck into the bag’s rope handle, which cling to his neck, stuck there as the opening of the rope handle was small for Garu’s neck. Boy he ran and turned and twisted and finally freed himself of the bag. Here is a video of him succeeding to free himself from the bag handle, that from his neck kept slipping out of the cat’s body.

Silly, carefree, happy go lucky cat Garuji is.

Cat Garu as said has a heart of Bitcoin, which is a digital gold


He seems to have found all he needs to be content in his life, balcony and cat company in Mochu, ever since then life is fine for Garu. It is a cat with a heart of Bitcoin, I have said, to have accepted Mochu when Garu was already a 1 and a half year old adult cat.


Garu has been very fine having a noisy, irritating cat like Mochu share space with him. In that way, I would say Garu has done a lot of good by making the life of Mochu nice, he was the nice cat buddy Mochu needed badly at that time.

Accomplishments of cat Garu


And my cat Garu is very unique - he won 3rd and 4th kitten price in the cat show almost 4 years ago. He has earned me some cool cat tokens at HIVE here, tipped by cat lovers who enjoyed posts on cat Garu.

In the Covid year of last year I got the honour of befriending some friendly cats


Infact, most of the people around me identify me as a cat person and it’s nice as people love hearing about my cat experiences, although since one year I have interacted with a number of cats, for me they are my best friends - sweet, trusting, playful, fun and leave you alone after a while not requiring all the time friendly response from you, so it’s convenient.

Anyway… 4 years of Garuji and I am so glad he has accepted his life being with us, it’s a privilege.

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