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Poetry "beautiful my moon and sublime."

Greeting my friends of #steemschools.


When night comes, all my senses awaken in my being. When the moon shines in its maximum splendor, feelings come out with subtlety to where they are most needed.


Show me moon, with your clear light the true faces of the people I love and who love me. Moonlight fill me with vitality, purity, energy and bathe me with your powerful magnetism.


oh! Mighty moon! white bride of the sun...lovers in infinity; seduce me to fall into your charms and be seen and contemplated by all, with an eye of love and admiration. Give me a little of your majesty and see that life is beautiful.


My eyes wonder at night when you illuminate my world, beautiful moon. I am under your divine light, beautiful my moon, sublime star, unique and present.

Regards my friends...

cc: @dobartim

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