Steady rise! Qidao (QDAO) Stable Project.


There is a coin to introduce to you!


Do you see it? Since the QDAO was listed on the exchange. The beautiful line that is rising steadily until August 02 (at 1:00 pm).

It is a coin that is really hot!

​A brief description of the QDAO, QDAO is a decentralized stable loan platform .

What is a staple coin? Those who do

The QDAO project's stapler coins are USDQ, KRWQ, PHPQ, JPYQ, CNYQ, and HKDQ.

Currently active coins are USDQ, KRWQ.

What is QDAO, what is USDQ, KRWQ ?!

QDAO is a utility coin inside the platform,

USDQ and KRWQ are staple coins.

That is, QDAO is the coin of the platform itself, USDQ and KRWQ is the staple coin issued by QDAO!

Did you understand ?!



In QDAO, you can borrow USD coins, KRWQ coins, which are coin-to-mat coins.

Currently, 1,169,653,205.00 KRWQ has been issued as collateral for 249.9999 BTC,

It is said that 5,531,632,5042USDQ was issued with 1,410,582 BTC as collateral.

The QDAO coin is now 44USD, which is worth about 52,000 won for Hanhwa.

I can not keep up with the value of major coins such as Bitcoin and Etherium

The QDAO coin which is steadily rising!

Looks like you need to pay attention!

What do you think ?!

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