To diversity and choosing ones own goals wisely.


Governments are like ecosystems. They always have predators, prey, parasites, symbiotic relationships, and a wide variety of different energy structures all happening at once. We know that ecosystems work a lot better when there's a large diversity of plants, animals, and microorganisms present. Therefore, any "pure" ideology is fatal to the health of the diversity of the ecosystem. If there are too many parasites, the host dies. If there are too few parasites, the sick multiply. If there aren't enough prey, the predators die. If there isn't a sufficient black market underground anarchy going on, then people starve. Even in the "purest" communism, you could pay for a taxi with a pair of jeans or bootlegged Chuck Norris videos. Even in the "purest" capitalism, the secret societies emerged to take care of the widows and the orphans.

This is why I'm done. Even if I killed off all of the predators, new ones would just take their place, because everybody is capable of great evil under the right circumstances.

Goals are not the same thing as tactics. If my goal is to feed my family, I can accomplish it a lot of very different ways, of hugely varying legality and morality. Getting a job, owning a business, receiving unemployment, dumpster diving, growing my own on a farm, hunting, eating long pork, are all different tactics. Picking which tactic you choose to engage in primarily at this particular time isn't something that you're locked into for life. All of the other options are still on the table. They just have consequences, and costs, which might cause you to intensely dislike some of the options a lot more than others.

Choose your goals wisely. Then, choose your tactics wisely. Don't be afraid of changing your tactics or your goals, when your perception of the situation changes.

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