Kids aren't being raised today, they're being herded like beasts.


If women chose better, men will be better. Supply almost always fills the demand.

Maybe if women didn't have children with men who weren't committed to raising them, girls would grow up knowing what a real man is and accept nothing less.

Instead, the Democrat policies reward out-of-wedlock births with massive subsidies and thereby incentivize them.

As goes ladies, so goes gentlemen. As goes love, so goes sex. As goes sex, so goes marriage. As goes marriage, so goes civilization.

What saddens me most is that progs are insisting today that our culture is an artificially created construct to oppress women which needs to be destroyed, but what they don't see is that Western Civilization was actually designed so that women could be protected, wouldn't have to work outside the home in tedious, backbreaking jobs, and could flourish.

Chesterton once wrote that "man must be narrow so that women may be broad." -The double entendre was unintentional, assuredly. He meant that a man must focus on becoming expert at primarily his avocation but a woman running the home could be well-rounded. She could be great at many fields and could pass that knowledge on to the children.

We are losing our civilizational competency because we are not transmitting the lessons of civil society and the Good Life to our children.

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