CU Convenience Store 'Bento Lunch' Cheese Mansu Doncas

CU Convenience Store 'Bento Lunch' Cheese Mansu Doncas

I stopped at the CU convenience store near my home while worrying about what to eat tonight.

The two detectives of the Detective Conan Sandwich in CU these days and the lunch box of the pork cutlet were newly released.

The sandwich seemed to be tasted so I decided to eat it next time and bought a new lunch box and tried it.

The name is 'Cheese Mansu Doncas'.

The price is 5,000 won. It goes to the expensive side for convenience store lunch.

(If it is this price,

Nutrition information and calories are not displayed if there is a singularity.
(It is important to calorie.) I would like to have at least 1000 calories in the cheese, pork cutlet ... ㅠ.

The distribution period is about two days, and it is attached to the bottom, 'Tsu-woo-wook! I can see that there is a confidence in this lunchbox through the section "Let's Experience the Growing Natural Cheese!"

Deep-fried pork cutlet sauce has a considerably longer shelf life than a lunch box.

Cooking time is 1 minute 40 seconds for a microwave oven 1000W, 700W for 2 minutes.

I was using it for the home, and after 2 minutes I gave it another 15 more seconds.

Note) Please remove the cold side dishes. Otherwise, warm pickles and radishes await you.

These are the side dishes.

Contains 3 pieces of pink radish and 4 pieces of pickle.

Taste ... It seems like you do not have to explain it.

I tried to put the sauce in a bowl.

The taste is relatively sweet tonkatsu sauce flavor. Kangyeong-style pork cutlet I think it's the taste of the pork cutlet sauce at home.

I did not squeeze, but personally I ate a little pepper.

The water is medium. It is too thin and not too thick, it is just medium.

It is Phillies to fill my ship with pickles and radishes.

The taste is quite good. Tomato flavor comes in the hook and it feels like a tangy feeling.

Pork cutlet sauce, fusilli, and ... Would you care about the cheese in the pork cutlet (?)?

The main player of this lunch is cheese pork cutlet.

As you can see from the visual, it is like benchmarking the alley restaurant.

It contains 4 balls in total and is about 3cm * 6cm in length and width.

A photo taken from close up.

Parsley is sprinkled, and meat is featured on one side.

I thought it was just that piece, but it was the same 4 pieces.
(Actually, it's strange if 4 pieces are different ...)

Taste evaluation

I guess my expectations are too big. It was a lunch box with more negative than positive.

  1. 'Woo-woo-wook! Experience the growing natural cheese! ' Of course, it is a convenience store lunch, so you should not expect much, but it was written in a lunch box so you could expect it. But expectation turned into disappointment.
  2. The meat is very bad. Even though I ate it right after taking it out of the microwave, it is quite bad. Even if you chew thoroughly 30 times, it is not easy to disassemble. Tough pork cutlet ... I was poor.
  3. It is ambiguous because I ate it in the sauce. I do not have much cheese, and the meat is tender sauce with tangy pork cutlet. I think you can imagine the taste. There might be a personal bias, but I was unhappy. I would rather have kimchi than not.
  4. Prices are ambiguous. It does not seem to be worth 5,000 won. If you were between 4,000 won and 4,500 won, it would be acceptable enough. I would not recommend this quality at 5,000 won.
  5. Side dishes and sauces, fried pork cutlets. It is a strange combination. I would like cheese to go in and cut the pork cutlet.


The word "outside wealth" comes to mind. There was something tasteless on the outside, but the taste was not very good.

Maybe this item will be selected as a 50% off item on Friday of CU application. It is recommended that you try a challenge after receiving the discount at that time.

PS) Thug or prey? I like to eat pork cutlet without sauce.

I chose soy sauce for sweet and sour pork.

PS2) Bob ... I did not appreciate it. The convenience store Bob is there and there.

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