Anker PowerPort Atom PD1

Anker PowerPort Atom PD1

I bought the Anker PowerPort Atom PD1 that I saw on the usage board a while ago. I would like to buy it in Europe, and buy it in USA / Japan and plug it in. I tried to buy it in Amazon Japan, but it did not ship to Korea either.

In the end, I came to Japan directly to ship the Amazon ... (though not because of this.)

It is sold in Amazon Japan at 3499 yen, but I was able to get it at the hotel front the next day after I entered the address and I ordered it and it was called time sale (ten minutes before the end ..). Cheap (!!!) Because it is expensive, I tried to buy it offline, but I did not see anything at the retailer. I've seen a lot of other Anker stuff, but this is not it.

The background is just .. bed bed. -_- ;;;;;

I compared the size with the Apple 29W USB-C adapter, which is always packed for travel. Now, Apple adapters have done their mission for travel.

I was wondering if I could plug it in with a USB-A type adapter that came in as small as it was, but it still can not.

It is a fixed plug, not a foldable power plug, which is commonly found in US / Japan charging adapters, but it is also located in the center of the plug, so if you connect it, there will be no connection other than the electric cord. ..?)

As soon as I checked it on my MacBook, it is 30W. Compared to the 30W on the market, there is not yet a much larger size. Now, connect the Korean mask conversion adapter and try using it.

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