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Some of you know already that I work with a boy with dyscalclia. Numbers dance and it's hard for him to grab them.

He is a genious when it comes to shapes and pictures and maps. At ten he momorized the countries and their capitols. I can't even pronounce them. But when it comes to math he has difficulty with number concepts.

We are working on whole numbers plus fractions like one and a half. This is getting puzzling for him so we worked with a measuring cup and the sesame seeds.

He paid attention for about one minute and then he started arranging the seeds to make a picture.

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06.02.2020 08:03

Amazing. Turning the photo, it reminds me of Jesus on the cross.

06.02.2020 12:00

Yes. He just started playing with them and came up with. I'm happy.

06.02.2020 22:18


09.02.2020 23:59