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Hello everyone!

Communities might have been unofficially launched for some time now, yet it took me some time to get this is my first attempt to write a post via the @ocd community.

Those of you who follow my blog definitely know that I am a huge Steem fan, or should I say fanatic? The reasons are more or less known and probably apply to everyone that fall in the same category.

But the reason I've decided to write these lines wasn't to talk about fee-less transactions and speed and blocks and such.

What really triggered me to write this post is a discussion I had earlier in a discord channel that got me thinking if the fact that I don't hold STEEM in "liquid form" but instead I power up everything almost immediately is the right thing to do or not.

Most people made a post about targets they want to reach and goals they want to achieve before we say goodbye to 2020. I didn't. And this is because it somehow feels as a burden and when one is obsessed with something it usually takes the fun out of the equation. And we're supposed to have fun also, right?

What I do know though is that it would have been an achievement if I could grow my account and reach the so called "orca status" this year. But then again if I don' is not the end of the world.

Now back to the power up thing...

What are the pros when one is constantly powering up?

  • Bigger upvoting power...
  • Increased curation rewards...
  • Bigger downvoting power...
  • More RC's through which one can claim more accounts and generally perform more actions, even though after a certain point everyone can do pretty much the same...
  • More influence when voting for witnesses and proposals...

The only "negative" I can think of... which isn't exactly negative, is the 13 week window for a full power down.

Powering up is also a commitment. And that's because Steem is designed in a way that in order for someone who is 100% vested to have their funds available and take advantage of a possible pump in the price, they would need to start the 13 weeks power-down procedure.

A week later though only 1/13 of their funds would be available and previous week's pump might be just a memory...or a missed opportunity for some profits.

Isn't that one of the reasons we are all here after all? To enjoy the fruits of our efforts or the fruits of our investment if you will?

Powering up is an addiction, there is no doubt about that and I plead guilty to that charge.

Powered up the last 50 liquid STEEM tokens I was holding a few minutes ago....definitely struggling with my thoughts lately but I can't help it...

Could it be because I have really high expectations from this network?

I've said it before and I'll say it again...all one's got to do is to visit some really popular blogs and search for posts uploaded between December 2017 - February 2018.

Then and only then you'll understand all the amazing things SP holders can do...

Ok, ok... I have just decided what I am going to do next. Screw the liquid STEEM...I will continue powering up till my vote finally means something...

After all, we are participants at a marathon right?

And the way I see it...there are way more benefits one can enjoy when they have a large stake...

Pros > cons...


Have a good one peeps!


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For the Twitterland

17.01.2020 20:37

The pros are the tech and the cons is the social media 🤣😝

If transaction fees were on this chain, and needing some payment then we would be like other blockchains full of just gambling apps I reckon.

Its not so hard to imagine 10years down the line that Steemits forgotten about and the tech is what matters 😀

17.01.2020 20:54

Its not so hard to imagine 10years down the line that Steemits forgotten about and the tech is what matters

I'll give you that. Hopefully we'll get there...

17.01.2020 21:14

Who knows what will happen the way times are heading 🤣 keepup the good content!

17.01.2020 21:23

Powering up is an addiction, there is no doubt about that and I plead guilty to that charge

I feel ya bro, same thing here..
Even when i decide to keep some steem liquid, in hours i always decide to power up and tbh i dont know why.

It is fucking addiction, looking at your influence rise, regardless of how small the amount is. Kinda funny.

But its a good thing as majority will start feeling that way

18.01.2020 08:02

I hear yeah. The first year I may have reached just over a hundred steem power, the second year I've done better which has given rise to a hope I may actually make it to minnow by the end of this, that said it'll be a long, long, long haul to dolphin so I'll keep power up, maybe I'll make it within the next

18.01.2020 18:03

Well, just checked your blog. Unless you stay active, don't expect much...One post the past 17 days?

18.01.2020 20:55

I think that may actually be one or two post the last several months. I just get discouraged over crap that happens. I'll get on a roll and they'll do a hard fork change or I'll say something someone doesn't like and get all my post zapped. The last time it has proven a bit more difficult to get over. I wouldn't think that anyone could argue with the fact that while you follow the rules, sit and write....occasionally for hours on a post that barely, if even, will get a response or notice then someone is allowed to come on here, break rules that many, many, many others found themselves penalized for and makes four dollars and fifty cents for posting a pic of some girl with the word HI! written by it, and the last time I looked she was over the half way point to becoming a dolphin in a mere four or so months. You just get tired of shit like that. They really have to do something about people who get mad about something then go over and flag all your hard work for a week. Those people should be penalized for using such underhanded dirty tactics. If they want to flag the post they got mad about that's one thing but to flag all your post it's censorship at it's worse. Hardly makes it worth attempting writing stuff, it was already not that tempting to begin with as you making pennies anyway an no one was paying attention....sometimes it amounts to feeling like you are just talking to yourself, you have to admit that's a pretty low in the intimidation factor that's meant to keep you censored in what you write or say...hey what can I say, I'd rather say what's on mind, I can always go find a couple pennies sitting in my washer or dryer.

19.01.2020 22:57

Good to know we share the same mindset bud.

18.01.2020 20:54

Since I have joined Steem, I never have powered down. In fact, I have invested about $300 but sadly the value of my investment is just around $200, despite of my earning of SP for my posts and curation reward. But, despite of it I love Steem.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

18.01.2020 13:07

Being persistent is the only way to grow. Keep pushing brother

18.01.2020 20:54

Being persistent
Is the only way to grow.
Keep pushing brother

                 - mindtrap

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

18.01.2020 20:54