Mindchop Presents 5 Funny April Fools Pranks

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Watch This Video To See 5 Funny April Fools Pranks.

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I like your video, and your research work

07.12.2019 00:52
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10.12.2019 04:38

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10.12.2019 04:44

Agreed. They are getting big votes from 3speak anyway. They need to concentrate on getting followers with actual engagement. Only got 6 and some are bots.

10.12.2019 09:02

Why buy votes when you get big support from @threespeak and @oracle-d? You ought to try and gain some followers and buying votes will not help. You should also verify that this is your account. I see the YouTube channel has not been updated recently. Same on Twitter. A tweet saying you are on 3speak/Steem now would be enough.

10.12.2019 09:16