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Achivement1: Introduction post by @mim00339

Hallw all of my friends. How are you all? I hope you all are well by the grace of Almighty. I am very excited because I got the opportunity to work on such a big platform. I have been learning about this platform for quite some time now. I am very happy to know that there is an opportunity to showcase my talents and qualifications and show enthusiasm to work.

my account name @mimoo339

  • My name is Mim akter shithi. The pictures above and below are me. I am from Bangladesh. I live in meherpur district in mujibnogor thana.
    I love to think of myself You love yourself. I love to dress myself up all the time. I am a house wife. I have been married for one year.I grew up in a middle class family and I got married in a lower middle class family


Educational :

I did not get the opportunity to be educated in higher education, but I tried my best to continue my education to be educated. I complete my primary level education from mujibnogor primary school. Then I go to mujibnogor high school . After I passed from high school then I admitted e in mujibnogor college.
I also completed my computer course.

How did I know?:

  • I have acquinted with this @steemit platform through my friend @rudro6. He is my like a brother. I allways helped him. He know about me then he told me I can share my activities and merit in this social site. Thats why I am here now.

I also thank you the C.R on my country.

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